South End In The Rain

South End In The Rain

Piers and floating docks amidst the steady rain of early spring in Portsmouth’s South End neighborhood.

Prescott Park Docks

I’m always writing about why I feature a certain image, or about the story behind it.  I thought today I’d start to try something new – what do you like about this image?  Is it a connection to the place, the view, the weather?  I’d be curious to hear what you might write if you were putting together today’s post with the above image from Prescott Park – featuring the public docks.

Symmetry and Reflections

This should be a familiar scene to people who’ve been following the site for some time.  It’s a familiar one for me too – but somehow, every time I return I seem to be struck by the simplicity of the scene and the serene reflections of the Memorial Bridge (when the river is calm enough for reflections), and the dynamic sky overhead in all the various conditions.  I love that the dock reaches out towards the open expanse of the Piscataqua, and the fact that it’s a quiet scene…in a couple short months this spot will be full of foot traffic and boats docked for an afternoon…maybe a concert at Prescott Park or maybe a walk to The Decks for a few cold ones.

Winter at the Marina

Today features a return to the New Hampshire Seacoast with a post of the Wentworth by the Sea Marina in the winter season.  The marina appears abnormally desolate with all the yachts and sailboats away until the spring and summer season.  It’s good to be back in New Hampshire and featuring some home soil after a great vacation.

The Docks at Prescott Park

Prescott Park never ceases to entice me.  I was lucky to catch a colorful sunset one evening that had a cooler color to it than the usual reds and oranges I’ve been shooting/posting – and the rushing water and the symmetry of the docks completed it for me.  Hope you like.