River House | Bow Street

The latest installment of Storefronts of Portsmouth features The River House and its painted sign – a favorite spot of mine on Bow Street.  The location is pretty incredible right on the curve of Bow Street….overlooking the Tugboats and the Middle and Piscataqua River Bridges.  I really enjoy their food…but most of all, I love their deck location for a sunset on a spring evening.  I can’t wait for the decks to open…the countdown is on (let’s hope mother nature decides to do her part sometime soon).

The Wreath & The Snow

There’s not much to do about the snow these days except shovel and laugh about it (until you cry).  This winter has been almost comical with the steady weekly killer snow storms, with the entrance to this historic home long buried by a couple feet of snow.  The rich orange of the building and the snowy wreath caught my eye as I was walking around the waterfront in the South End.  Happy shoveling to all and enjoy your weekend!

180 | The Doors of Portsmouth

Another entry in the series The Doors of Portsmouth.  This beautiful yellow home located in the South End features some nice granite steps leading to a cool door with a diamond window.  I’m not up to speed on the technical terminology for the architecture, but I know that I enjoy it.