Clocktower | North Church, Portsmouth, NH

Most people take pictures of the whole steeple, since it is really quite magnificent from wherever you are in Portsmouth.  One evening I hiked up to the top of the Hanover Street parking garage to snap some pics during sunset, and was more level with the clock than I’d ever been….and thought I’d try to work some magic.  Take a walk up sometime, it’s a unique perspective on something you usually admire from the ground level.  Happy Memorial Day weekend to all, and thanks to all those who have served for our Country.

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Salt Piles, Portsmouth NH Waterfront

The salt piles appear to have been capped for the spring season now that the brutal New England winter has subsided for at least a couple months.  These behemoths arrive on Portsmouth’s working waterfront from huge freighters coming from around the globe…if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see one coming under one of the lift bridges, or even unloading at the downtown Granite State Minerals post on Market Street.  For whatever reason, I find these huge fabric covers quite aesthetically pleasing.  Maybe it’s the symmetry, or maybe it’s the lipstick on the pig of materials underneath.  What do you think?  To the left you can see the Sheraton Harborside Portsmouth.  View is opposite the Prudential building photographed in this post: Olde Harbor Area.

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