The Martingale Wharf Deck

The Martingale Wharf Deck always has a great view of sunset, but it also has a beautiful view towards the Memorial Bridge – seen here around the corner of Bow Street amidst the subtle colors of dusk.

Surf | Bow Street Evening

Surf in the Martingale Wharf is one of the new restaurants located along Bow Street.  In this image from winter 2014, a quiet Bow Street rests beneath a cloudless sky – awaiting the warmer weather and the masses of people that will be enjoying the many waterfront destinations.

Moffatt Ladd House at Dusk


The Moffatt Ladd House stands near the shore of the Piscataqua River as the day ends and in the distance the Sarah Long Bridge illuminates the surface of the Piscataqua. I love shooting at this time of day, when daylight is retreating and the artificial lighting starts to take over.

Commercial Fishing Fleet of Portsmouth

Making the best of a cloudless evening isn’t always easy – but it’s usually fun, especially when water and reflections are available.  Here, two of the vessels of Portsmouth’s commercial fishing fleet are docked on a very quiet and calm Piscataqua River. The Naval Prison and the shipyard can be seen in the background.  I love the calm and very “New England” feel of the scene.

Dusk On The Water

Sometimes a nice shoot during the week can be incredibly rejuvenating.  Driving around after an incredible sunset, I was amazed at how awesome everything still looked as dusk set in.  A thick fog had emerged over the waterfront in places and the clouds were still lit enough to create a dramatic environment, so I decided to pull over near Portsmouth Kayak Adventures at Witch Cove Marina to see if I could get an interesting shot.  I set my camera on top of one of the massive wooden logs that the pier was attached to, and hoped a few brackets would catch the range of light in the scene.  Sure enough, it did, and I have this hauntingly beautiful shot to prove it.


Dusk at the Fish Pier

I felt like I’d been neglecting Prescott Park lately so I made a point to head down this past week.  I ended up spending nearly all my time on one of the piers…and I didn’t quite mind that I didn’t do much other shooting, the pastel colors of the sky were so interesting.  I also love this scene – it seems like there’s always a different array of boats, and I’m drawn to the reflection of the evening lights on the water.