Phillips Exeter Academy

This world renowned institution is located right in our own backyard…and has been part of the education of many internationally recognized personalities. It certainly has that old world charm, with grassy expanses between its academic buildings – complete with a coating of New England snow in this particular shot.  As the sign clearly states, the institution was founded in 1781…quite a long time ago.

Exeter Town Hall

Here’s a glimpse of Exeter, NH via its Town Hall located at the center of town…just as the snow flurries began to fly in January. Once again – this front porch area features a lovely light blue underside, just as the Wentworth By The Sea featured a couple months back in a shot posted from last summer.  To me, this shot wouldn’t have been the same without it.  A little flavor of a classic New England building in the heart of a perfectly New England setting.

Dried on the Vine

Today’s image is the first trip to Exeter in a very long time here at The Daily Portsmouth.  I have been hoping to get the creative juices flowing again, and shooting out in a new location seemed to do the trick.  Another gorgeous historic seacoast town…Exeter has a very photogenic downtown with a traditional mainstreet New England feel.  This building is perched just over the river that runs through Exeter (and ultimately reaches Great Bay to the north).  As you know by now – I tend to shoot wide open spaces and try to convey a sense of space with a majority of my shots.  When I saw the awesome growth on the side of this building, I wanted to create that same spacious feeling while getting the gritty detail of the vines and the dried berries still clinging to their nurturer despite the freezing temperatures.