Reflections & Rooftops

Digging back once again through the archives and finding some stuff that I really like – and approaching it with a fresh eye and a different mindset on processing.  It’s brought some refreshing clean light to the homes along the waterfront in the south end in this shot from the fall of 2009.  It seems like eons ago in my photographic adventure….and I’m glad I took the time to venture back.  Hope you all enjoy…stay tuned in over the weekend for a couple fresh scenes never before featured here at The Daily Portsmouth!

Piscataqua River Cloudscape

For once I think I managed to make a tugboat scene less about the tugboats than the other elements in the frame.  In this shot, the deck of the Old Ferry Landing, The Tugboats, the freighter in the background and the Middle Bridge in the distance all make for relevant subjects in the shot…creating the wonderful sense of place that only The Decks can command on Portsmouth’s waterfront – but for me, it’s more about the natural elements of water, the setting sun, and the clouds and how all of them are interacting. It’s important to find yourself in the right place at the right time…or (more accurately) to put yourself there.  That becomes an easy thing when you love where you live, and the weather agrees with you (in this case it was a fall shot where the temperatures didn’t require gloves, earmuffs, etc.).

The Last Rays of Light

The fleeting rays of the afternoon sunlight appear on the clocktower of the North Church. The blues of the late afternoon sky were a nice subtle contrast to the rich orange of the late afternoon sunlight.  The textures and all the nooks and crannies of the clocktower of the North Church made for another interesting take on a familiar angle that I’ve posted time and time again.  Sometimes I can’t help myself in shooting the familiar all over again, when new colors and moods present themselves.

Market Square | Wide Angle

This is one of my favorite shots of Market Square I’ve captured over the past couple years.  It’s a Christmas time panoramic shot featuring a wonderfully wide angle view of Market Street, Daniel Street, a glimpse of the Christmas Tree and of course, Breaking New Grounds.  The sunset this afternoon was just incredible with rich orange tones just reaching over the rooftops of the Congress Street buildings to illuminate the Alie Jewelers building and the Market Street rowhouses in the distance.  You can even see a little tiny bird flying just above the Market Street roadway in the upper left area.  This one will look gorgeous large-scale, and I plan to make some cool huge prints out of it for my house or office.  Hope you enjoy!

In case you’re in a pinch and still have to do some last minute shopping, please consider buying a few prints for your friends and family who love Portsmouth!  I have images from Portsmouth and many other spots throughout the US (NYC, Boston, Yellowstone…).  Happy Holidays to all. Visit to review the full gallery…

Morning View of the Memorial Bridge

This week’s series features the Memorial Bridge.  I’ve often shot the bridge from this little corner of Prescott Park, but it wasn’t until the lighting accentuated the scene in this way that I appreciated the angles that the dock presented.  I love the leading line of the last portion of the dock and how it points the way upriver. This wide angle view captures both the marina on the Kittery side of the bridge as well as Harbour Place on the Portsmouth side.  Soon there will be a complementary brick warehouse looking building on the near side of the Memorial (or its replacement), at the site of the former Pier II restaurant.

Welcome to State Street | The Ribbon Cutting

The Who’s Who of Portsmouth as far as State Street Improvements are concerned can be seen below in the ceremonious Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held on Friday afternoon at 3pm at the intersection of Pleasant and State Streets.  Above, Mayor Tom Ferrini’s hands can be seen holding the grand improvement plans as signed by many of the folks involved…along with the ribbon.

Below, the City Manager (John Bohenko), Mayor Tom Ferrini, owner of Puttin’ on the Glitz Assiah Russel and Assistant Mayor Nancy Novelline-Clayburgh (one of the owners of Cava can be seen in the background) can all be seen enjoying the big moment.  I must say, it’s pretty cool and a relief to see this long in-the-works project come to its final phase.  There was an awesome turnout of people who shared the same sentiment, who came to celebrate. I’m very excited for the Portsmouth Art Exchange at 220 State Street, who has been very eager to see its sidewalks take shape – and where I have a good amount of work available for sale.  Stop in to see Jane and tell her I sent you – she’s a sweetheart.

Below, something a little different….the sun climbs over the hill at Fort Foster on the seacoast in Kittery, Maine.  I love this little tree and the bench that sit overlooking the waterfront. If my memory serves me correctly, the shot was taken with my Hasselblad Carl Zeiss 100mm lens…definitely a beauty.  Have a great weekend!

Watching the Horizon

This gentleman was enjoying the sunset from the Marginal Way as much as I was…I’m guessing this, because as I rushed around for 10 or 15 minutes trying to decide what I might shoot, he stood transfixed on the horizon and the gorgeous afternoon light as it retreated.  Everyone is drawn to different things in the world at various times and places, but I think it’s safe to assume we were both enjoying taking in the view.

A Penhallow Street Evening

Recently I’ve been writing about the changes that Portsmouth has seen over the past year or so. If you look carefully, you’ll note that this scene was shot during the holiday season, with a wreath hanging over the entrance to The Dolphin Striker…and if you look more closely, you’ll note that the Martingale Wharf building is still a hollow shell – meaning this was shot last year.  This December…the holiday wreaths are back up on the lightposts throughout the downtown, but the Martingale Wharf is unrecognizable from its former self, now with a fresh brick facade and an angular position on Bow Street with a sweeping view of the Piscataqua.

Mary M. Coppedge at Work

The Mary M. Coppedge is one of Portsmouth’s Moran Towing tugboats.  On Tuesday afternoon, the tugboat kept the Cynthia Pioneer in place as it tied up to the Granite State Minerals dock.  As I mentioned last week, Portsmouth’s Working Waterfront is a mesmerizing place to watch.  The Cynthia Pioneer arrived to unload some sand, and the reds of the tug looked great against the greyed out fall skies.  More colorful images to follow later this week.

Today I’ve also launched a new header at the site, featuring a single tug docked and waiting, while the Martingale Wharf gets underway on its waterside.  The Memorial Bridge anchors the Bow Street waterfront buildings to the Kittery shore.  Hope you like – planning to mix this up more regularly going forward.

Eastern Point Lighthouse | Gloucester, MA

Here are more shots featured from the jaw-dropping sunset I enjoyed while checking out the Eastern Point Lighthouse on the southern point of Gloucester, MA.  The late afternoon’s sunlight was incredible, despite being just after 4pm, thanks to the angle of the sun early in the day.  The jetty was pretty cool, though Chris and I never strayed too far from the lighthouse itself.  The tower and light of a lighthouse always fascinate me – so I was sure to get a closer shot…which will be featured this weekend!