Sunrise at Rye Harbor

Sunrise at Rye Harbor

The fishing fleet is dormant on a cold February morning in Rye Harbor.  The cold and windless morning had some beautiful conditions resulting in this shot with some nice range in colors as the sun rose over the horizon and the morning blues of the sky are still reflected in the water’s surface.

Badger's Island | Kittery, ME Waterfront

Since I’m sure everyone has had enough snow pics for a few days, I’ll save the last few shots from Tuesday’s storm for next week. In the meantime, have a look at Badger’s Island, part of Kittery’s waterfront across the Piscataqua River as seen from Harbor Place.  If you’ve ever driven over the Memorial Bridge, you’ve traveled over Badger’s Island (even if you didn’t realize it was a little island). I’ve always loved the fishing boats and working docks located in Kittery…especially the MORRISONS print on the boathouse towards the right of the frame. Hope you enjoy, and a very happy Friday to all!