At Wagon Hill | Durham, NH

Driving along Route 4 in Durham, NH you’re likely to see one of the town’s landmarks….a wagon situated atop the hill of the appropriately named Wagon Hill Farm.  I’ve always loved the decidedly New England feel to the landscape and wanted to see what I could capture with the Zeiss 50mm Hasselblad lens.  It creates rich textures and soft silky backgrounds….neither of which are too exaggerated here, but I’ll feature more shots that came out well from the quick visit.

The Fish Pier & Strawbery Banke in the Fall

Today’s post is dedicated to my very special mother and father.  Birthdays usually revolve around people getting gifts or wishing you congrats on being another year older, but I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Mom and Dad for getting together 28 years and 9 months ago today and deciding to have me.  Ever since then they have both been nothing but 1,000% supportive, caring, loving, thoughtful, insightful, funny, smart, willing to teach, willing to listen (all of this unconditionally) – and I always joke every year about making a point to thank them for going to such expense to make me – but I truly want them to know how incredible they are and how much it means to me that they’ve been the perfect parents for me in every way.  Thanks for the birthday – I love you guys!

Today’s shots are of the Commercial Fish Pier as seen from Prescott Park and Strawbery Banke during the fall with some lovely foliage.

An Atlantic Heights Sunrise

With the leaves doing their usual fall thing, the rising sun peeks through the tree along Kearsarge Way.  Also hiding behind the tree is I-95 and the Piscataqua River Bridge…and this shot was taken from my stairwell in my quaint Atlantic Heights World War I home.  The sun is coming up pretty late these days, so I actually catch the rising sun and get to see some beautiful colors.