Fort Constitution

One of the seacoast’s icons is the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, which sits on the coastline in New Castle in Fort Constitution. I have always loved getting out in a boat on the Piscataqua River – and this day was no exception with the warm air and soft rays of sunset on the fort’s wall and the lighthouse.

Sunset at Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

On a sunset cruise with Portsmouth Harbor Cruises, we were treated to a beautiful sky and a vivid cloudscape.  On our way back into Portsmouth as the ship was turning around, this scene caught my eye – bright pink and blue clouds hovering over Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Castle.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

One of my favorite vistas in the seacoast features the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse at Fort Constitution in New Castle.  I probably inherited my love of lighthouses from my dad, and we made our first trek to this beauty many years ago – and I’m always coming back in search of good lighting and to enjoy the view of the ocean. Be sure to take a tour if you ever have the opportunity!

Abstract | New Castle Waterfront

With the clouds clearing out in the afternoon at Fort Constitution at the New Castle waterfront, the light wasn’t ideal for photos, but it revealed a rich blue sky that complimented the tones in the water and also reflected off the water’s surface.  Combining the blue with the soft colors in the clouds made for a beautiful scene, so I wanted to capture the mood in a more abstract way.  I’m liking the abstract series and to when I find another scene that would lend itself to some creative shooting.

The Window

This solitary window on the side of the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse opens my imagination to what it must have been like to be a lighthouse keeper back in the old days.  What a view to survey the waterfront and enjoy all the water traffic, especially when old freighters or old cutter ships made their way upriver towards the Portsmouth docks or further upriver to Dover.  I went with a black & white processing on this shot, as the grey skies didn’t present much interesting color, but it simplified the shot down to what really mattered to me – the interesting curve of the sheathing around the tower and the window.

The Walkway | Portsmouth Harbor Light

Today’s images feature the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse located at Fort Constitution…as seen from the outside.  (Earlier this week I featured the geometric beauty of the interior staircase).  If you haven’t been – I can’t encourage you enough to catch one of the open houses…if for nothing else than to take a stroll and enjoy the view from the top of the structure…and marvel at the really old structure (that has a fresh coat of paint).

The Staircase | Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

As I wrote yesterday, New Hampshire has the smallest coastline of any oceanfront state in the US.  One of the treasures along our coast is the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.  I decided to head over to the open house hosted by the Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.  These great folks host an open house on Sundays throughout the summer…and I was happy to take advantage.  I’d been to a tour a few years back before I bought my beloved Canon 5d Mark II….and had been itching to get back to shoot the interior ever since.  Since the lighthouse is located on an active Coast Guard station, it had pretty tight security due to the significance of this somber weekend.

The lighthouse is just awesome…I’ll stay away from the technical aspects of the lighthouse and encourage you to take a tour to hear more about it.  The staircase is a marvel as seen from below with its rich brick walls and industrial stairs.  I’ll feature more from my stop later in the week…but for now I’ll let you enjoy the stairs and the window.