Dawn at Fort Foster

The New England coastline is a thing of beauty.  This image is from the Maine coast at Fort Foster and was taken just as the day’s first light crept over the horizon, illuminating the wispy clouds and Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.

Seascape from Fort Foster

A cool morning in New England provides great photographic opportunities.  One morning I headed out to Fort Foster with some friends at sunrise, and came away with a few shots I was happy with.  The rocks in the foreground are in Maine while the image looks out into Portsmouth Harbor with Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.


It’s easy to forget that a photograph is a period of time captured and immortalized.  I always strive to make a good photograph – something that conveys a sense of place, a feeling, an emotion or elicits a reaction.  There are definitely an infinite number of ways to approach a shot, a scene, or a moment…and I often gravitate to the ways I have become most comfortable with.  This shot definitely does not fall within that range…it’s two minutes and sixteen seconds of recorded time at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine during a muted sunset over the pier and Portsmouth in the distance. When you’re using tools to experiment with capturing a scene, it can be stressful…especially when so much time is at risk and you’re on the sidelines until the exposure is complete.  I happen to love the shot and the overall softness of the scene…and with the unfamiliar texture of the water, thanks to the duration of 2 minute and 16 seconds of setting sun and rolling waves at high tide.

Sunrise | Fort Foster

And so another week begins.  And as each work week begins with a Monday…each day starts with a sunrise.  I was glad to witness this gorgeous sunrise at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine…with some nice waves as high tide rolled in with the day.  It’s really something else to witness the first rays of light creep over the horizon.

The Lone Tree

Spending time at Fort Foster during the first minutes of daylight was a great decision this weekend.  I spent equal parts of the morning running around to try and get great shots & strolling around just enjoying the view.  There was something about this lone tree along the coast that struck me as majestic and very peaceful.  I grabbed the 10-stop neutral density filter and made a 65-second exposure, getting some dreamy light on the tree’s bare limbs and some soft water texture with the movement of the tide.  Whaleback Lighthouse is a nice treat in the background.

On another note, I would like to acknowledge all of the wonderful people who bring a positive vibe to the photography community, and recognize those who provide their feedback (whether good or bad – as long as it’s constructive).  If you know me or have ever taken the time to chat (which I’m ALWAYS up for doing), you’ll know that I definitely don’t know everything there is to know about photography (and don’t profess to) – but I am always happy to share what I do with those who want to learn, and always encourage others, while seeking growth for myself.  This weekend’s sunrise shoot with some very talented gentlemen (who seriously humble me) was a great example of that….I came back with a few shots that I’m happy with, but have seen some iconic and epic landscapes that made my jaw drop.  At the end of the day, I think it’s important to pay it forward, always be appreciative, and always strive for better.  A sincere thanks to all those who deserve it – I’m glad you stopped by to read today and hope you enjoy the tree.

Sunrise at Fort Foster

I was fortunate to find some time this weekend to get up for a sunrise shoot at Fort Foster in Kittery and was greeted with a fantastic tide and some great early morning light.  I was also lucky to have the chance to get together with talented photographers Chris Lazzery, Rich Williams and Justin Smith.  These gents also have some fantastic shots from the morning so be sure check out their work.  We had a coffee and a quick bagel sandwich at the new cafe at the old home of Kaffe Kilim on Daniel Street, Kaffe Vonsolln.  More on that stop later in the week, but you should know that the coffee was deliciously rich & bold.  A good sunrise does something for the soul.  It also does something for fatigue, which is a bit more quantifiable….

More to follow from Sunday’s sunrise shoot in Maine later this week.  ALSO – this is your first reminder about Thursday night’s event at The Music Hall: Scene @ Five | The Daily Portsmouth (A look back at 18 months of seacoast images).

Beneath the Pier

Today’s post is a return to the gorgeous summer sunset captured last weekend during my trip along the Maine coastline.  This is another take on the pier that jets out into the Piscataqua River from Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine.  A lovely piece of coastal construction – the pier presents an insane amount of opportunity for shooting.  I’ve always enjoyed the symmetry in a scene – with this pier’s underbelly being the perfect example of a mesmerizing and interesting pattern….that ultimately supports such a long structure.  The sun soaked evening light helped to make this scene a memorable one for me.

Check out the previous post of the Pier for another take on the scene.

Waterfront Vistas

Today I’ll feature two photos – taken mere minutes apart, with a feel so different that you might not believe they were both taken on the same planet (nevermind on the same beach a few feet away).

The first photo was shot later in the evening once the sun had nearly fully retreated for the day.  The photo below was taken earlier in the evening, as I was struck by the interesting patterns the outgoing tide was creating in the sand.  It was a gorgeous night with all sorts of great colors in the sky and a nice serene feeling, which I think you can get in each photo despite their drastically different results.