Standing in the Wind

A simple silhouette of the Memorial Bridge and Harbour Place on the horizon as seen from Four Tree Island.  Some subtle colors and cloud movements add some interest to the familiar scene. This afternoon was ridiculously windy, and although it’s spring – I was fooled into thinking I’d be warm but lost feeling in my hands after a couple minutes of sustained wind.  The wind made sure the water was nice and smooth as it blew towards the rocks in the foreground…and after a few long exposures, I packed up and headed for the heated seats in the car.

Waiting at Four Tree Island

“For Those Who Sailed Here To Find A New Life”.  This is what the inscription on the statue overlooking the Memorial Bridge says on Four Tree Island…The mother’s face along with the little child held in her hand are pretty striking, especially under a cloudy late afternoon sky.  If you haven’t yet – be sure to take a walk to Four Tree Island from Peirce Island to enjoy a great vantage point of the Commercial Fish Pier and the Memorial Bridge.

Four Tree Island | Closed for the Season

Closed for the Season.  This is what the little signs read on the bathrooms on Four Tree Island.  The little building stands quietly in the center of the island that’s sandwiched between the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the Commercial Fish Pier, Prescott Park and the Memorial Bridge.  I hardly ever take advantage of the wide open view that this vantage point provides towards so many of our local iconic scenes.  This particular evening, the island was incredibly windy (especially under the maiden statue on the shore of the island).  The solace is something that disappears pretty quickly as soon as the weather warms up.