Freighter in Port

This is one of my absolute favorite views in Portsmouth – looking down Penhallow Street when there is a freighter in port unloading salt at the Granite State Minerals terminal. The Zini from Panama was in port for a long time – replenishing the diminished piles of salt on Market Street.

The Harbour Feature in Portsmouth

Over the years I’ve enjoyed trying new things with photography, as technology now provides an incredible amount of opportunities to refine the raw product of a photo.  Lately I find myself more drawn to the cleaner look and feel of the natural environments in an image, partly due to the colors and tones in the sky at sunset and the appearance of water.

In this particular shot, the Harbour Feature is docked at the State Pier after colliding with the Sarah Long Bridge.  In just a few more weeks, the bridge should be operational following millions in repairs.

The Middle Bridge

I happened to be in Maine last week, so I decided to stop and check out the view of Portsmouth from a familiar old spot.  While I always love the view towards Portsmouth’s waterfront and the North Church, I decided to shoot something I hadn’t before – the Middle Bridge itself.  With yesterday’s freighter accident with the Harbour Feature coming loose and striking the bridge (as shown below), I’m not so sure I’ll have the opportunity to get back there for this shot anytime soon. I have a never ending appreciation for engineering and our man made structures, and there’s a simple elegance to the bridge and rail pattern beneath the street decking.

The Atlantic Pearl at Sunset


The Atlantic Pearl freighter sits docked and unloading beneath a memorable sunset over the Piscataqua River.  The pastel clouds and late day light graced the stern of the boat with an orange glow, reflected in the rippling water.  Click on this one to enjoy it at full size!

Unloading the Atlantic Progress


The Granite State Minerals pier is a busy place all winter long.  It seems that as soon as one boat is finished unloading its salt haul, enough trucks are loading up and heading out of town to make way for the next ship to arrive – often only a day or two after.  The Atlantic Progress sits docked at the terminal, working around the clock so that it can head back out to sea.


A Calm Afternoon At The Waterfront

A beautifully calm afternoon by Portsmouth’s working waterfront with the Moran Towing tugboats and a guest freighter, the Atlantic Pearl.  Last moments of the day’s sunlight gleam on the Middle Bridge towers.


Wind Blown Waves in Rye

A chilly drive along the coast rewarded us with some beautiful seascape shots this weekend.  The wind was so strong that each of the waves gave off a head of mist as it began to break rolling towards the coastline.  I love this shot as the freighter is hiding out in the background on the horizon, just before it made its way up the Piscataqua to unload.

Calafuria Livorno | Profiles on the Piscataqua

With the return of the fall and the impending winter season, freighters have begun to repopulate the Piscataqua River.  This means a few things, but one of the things I’m most excited about is the return of my series “Profiles on the Piscataqua”.  The workers on these freighters are so excited to see people excited to see them that they almost always put on a good show and ham it up when they see that I have a camera.  This guy’s first reaction was two thumbs up, but his salute followed a little bit later when he realized I was still taking pictures of the ship.  It would be fascinating to sit down and hear about their day to day.