Up Close on the Piscataqua

I’m introducing a new series with today’s posting.  Profiles of the people on the industrial boating traffic on the Piscataqua River.  In today’s shots, the Asphalt Eagle navigates the Piscataqua River and two crew members enjoy the view from the freighter’s bow.

Ikan Selengat | Singapore

This week a freighter arrived from Singapore, the Ikan Selengat.  I decided to check it out on my way home for lunch, and noticed the massive propellor on the stern of the ship. I don’t remember seeing anything similar on other freighters that have arrived in port recently – and I’m always keen to learn more about them.  If anyone knows the story behind it – drop a note in the comments! Have a great weekend…stay tuned this week for some shots from a drive to the White Mountains!

Maori Maiden | Freighters of Portsmouth

I thought a good series to work on over the coming year would be Freighters of Portsmouth.  These behemoths come to our little port here in New Hampshire from all over the world, to load/unload sand, salt and scrap metal at the various terminals.  I’ll always be fascinated when I time an arrival/departure and get to witness the ship navigate under one of our lift span bridges, and watch as the tugs try to coerce the vessel into port.  In this shot, the Maori Maiden visits from its home in Manila.  I like this shot a little more than usual since I took it on my birthday back in March.