Prescott Park

The garden in Prescott Park is a colorful, inviting and peaceful little spot tucked between Marcy Street and the open grounds of Prescott Park.  With fountains and wizened old trees, there aren’t very many (if any) places you’ll find downtown that have the same magical feel.

The Gardens at Prescott Park

The long lines of flowers along the waterfront in Prescott Park are always gorgeous during this time of year.  Summer brings an influx of people from all over, with a good amount finding their way to the beauty of the waterfront park and its lush garden and rows of flowers.   A new addition that popped up this year is the granite spine through the flower bed – which has me imagining some type of ancient dinosaur buried beneath the soil

Welcome to the Garden

This section of Prescott Park is beautiful, and I never really take the time to come through this entrance on Marcy Street (since I’m usually walking along the waterfront).  I think the tall guardian shrubs at the entrance are a warm welcome to the lush plantings and open fields on the other side.

I also like the story they tell – it’s up to the viewer to interpret, and I’d imagine everyone might have their own tale.

Prescott Park

Once again, Prescott Park and its gorgeous gardens are featured today.  This tree is one of several in the incredibly lush garden tucked in the middle of the park, right off of Marcy Street near the waterfront, and each tree is equally mesmerizing.  I had always been more familiar with the flowers and other things growing over towards Peirce Island Road and the anchor overlooking the commercial fishing fleet – but ever since I first stumbled into this section of the park, I’ve been blown away.  There are also gorgeous fountains that get turned on sometime in the near future.  This little slice of earth is definitely one of my favorites.

In the Garden | Prescott Park

I was beginning to wonder when we might ever see the sun again in the seacoast.  Late in the afternoon on Friday, it was clear enough to get out for a quick walk – and it was nice to have two relatively dry afternoons in a row.  I found myself in Prescott Park near the gorgeous little garden with these amazingly old trees beginning to take their shape for the season.  The trees are awesome both in the spring and in the winter – when they’re in bloom they are simply beautiful, and when they shed their leaves – their character is unparalleled.  Have a great weekend!

Moffatt-Ladd Gardens | The Oar House

The little garden perched above The Oar House Deck and in front of the Moffatt-Ladd House is easy to miss.  It’s this little oasis with fountains and rich colored flowers tucked right on the side of Market Street.  (It’s also often overpoweringly stinky thanks to the dumpsters at the Ceres St. level).  It’s well worth a stroll down if you’re heading towards Annabelle’s for some ice cream or towards the Decks or out for a Harbor Cruise.

Prescott Park Gardens

Since it’s nearly Thanksgiving and the fall is well underway, I thought I’d take a moment to remember a warmer time of year….the elusive New Hampshire summer.  Along with the warm weather comes beautiful gardens throughout the city – with the gardens at Prescott Park probably being the most visited of the City.

With a New England winter right around the corner, it’s good to remember how beautiful the summer is in this great place.