Eastern Point Lighthouse

Eastern Point Lighthouse

Today’s image takes a trip into the archives and a departure from the New Hampshire coastline and heads south to Cape Ann in Massachusetts.  Eastern Point Lighthouse sits on the southeastern corner of Gloucester Harbor and is flanked by a long jetty.  Good friend and ridiculously talented photographer Chris Lazzery and I were trying to find a spot to visit one Saturday and decided on this spot – a place I’d never really been despite its proximity to Portsmouth and its rich maritime history.  The light and the location didn’t disappoint!


Eastern Point Lighthouse

As promised, here’s a closer view of the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, MA.  Just like hundreds of other New England photographers, I love the opportunity to get out and shoot some of these coastal sentinels.  I’m always happy when I can walk away with a decent shot or two – so the trip last weekend was well worth rushing around to catch sunset.

Eastern Point Lighthouse | Gloucester, MA

Here are more shots featured from the jaw-dropping sunset I enjoyed while checking out the Eastern Point Lighthouse on the southern point of Gloucester, MA.  The late afternoon’s sunlight was incredible, despite being just after 4pm, thanks to the angle of the sun early in the day.  The jetty was pretty cool, though Chris and I never strayed too far from the lighthouse itself.  The tower and light of a lighthouse always fascinate me – so I was sure to get a closer shot…which will be featured this weekend!

Sunset in Gloucester

I had some time to travel out of my ordinary routine this weekend, and found myself shooting in Gloucester for sunset.  I met up with Chris Lazzery and we scouted a few spots and ended up at a lighthouse Chris knew of off the southern point of Gloucester facing towards the sunset.  The lighthouse was gorgeous and there was a huge jetty that made its way out into the cove, but I was so struck by the gorgeous sunlight that I kept the framing of this shot simple to highlight the simple beauty of the day’s last light.  The rays sneaking around the clouds and reaching towards the blues of the sky just blew me away.