Harbor Cruise | Portsmouth, NH

The two sources for fun on the water during the summer months in Portsmouth, NH are the Heritage and the Thomas Laighton.  The Heritage is an awesome little old-school style yacht (with a bar on deck) that is great for a late evening sunset cruise out towards Whaleback Lighthouse…as featured above covered in snow.  Below is the Thomas Laighton in the heart of the harbor-cruising season in years past, full of people ready to enjoy a long evening out on the water.  The Laighton is definitely a larger boat that heads out for longer periods of time…also offering a great time and a great way to enjoy the seacoast.

San Francisco Fog / Portsmouth Harbor

Today’s post is a double feature.  The first image is a treat from home base for the next few days….the view of San Francisco Bay.  This is the fog that San Francisco is so renowned for….once it blew over, you could see Alcatraz just about dead center in the frame.  I’ll try to snap a good sunset shot before we hit the road for Yellowstone.

Below is a treat from a Portsmouth Harbor Cruise from the summer….what had been the sunset cruise that set sail at 7pm became more of a city lights cruise as the light had retreated as we made our way under the Memorial Bridge.  I didn’t quite mind though – as there was a beautiful crescent moon and the planet Venus hanging out just to its right.  This shot is one of my recent favorites – as it silhouettes two of Portsmouth’s icons under a summer sky.  The Memorial Bridge and the North Church mark the city’s skyline.

Whaleback Lighthouse

A little lighthouse flavor to get your weekend started off right….

This shot was taken from a harbor cruise on The Heritage on a glorious summer afternoon.  It was the first time I was able to get up close and personal with Whaleback Light with my camera….gorgeous lighting.  I’m looking forward to my next visit.

This lighthouse was put up for auction by the Coast Guard not long ago, and is now owned and maintained by the American Lighthouse Foundation based out of Rockland, Maine (same folks who operate the Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse).

I also want to take a moment to remember all those whose lives were lost in the tragedy of 9/11/01.  Hard to believe it was nine years ago today.

Martingale Wharf | Reflections of a Changing Waterfront

This shot was taken setting out on the sunset harbor cruise on the Heritage.  I snapped this single exposure with the incredibly sharp and vibrant Carl Zeiss lens that I’ve rented on a couple of occasions – and I just loved the rich blues of the water and the sky.  I’ve always thought that the Martingale Wharf building was pretty massive when seen from Bow Street…as it takes up so much of the street front – but it wasn’t until we were heading back in from the cruise that I realized just how massive the structure is.

Seen here the water side of the building is partially covered in tarps – as construction has progressed through the summer.  If you are walking up Bow Street, you might notice the fire sealing/insulation on the interior of the structure – so I imagine it’s only a matter of time until the skeleton of the building gets its skin.  I can’t wait to see what the structure looks like when its brick facade is installed….and it will be a welcome change to this seemingly stagnating waterfront visage.

Moffatt-Ladd Gardens | The Oar House

The little garden perched above The Oar House Deck and in front of the Moffatt-Ladd House is easy to miss.  It’s this little oasis with fountains and rich colored flowers tucked right on the side of Market Street.  (It’s also often overpoweringly stinky thanks to the dumpsters at the Ceres St. level).  It’s well worth a stroll down if you’re heading towards Annabelle’s for some ice cream or towards the Decks or out for a Harbor Cruise.

A Portsmouth Harbor Cruise

Setting Out


This has been an awesome weekend, spent with family (and soon to be family!) in some glorious weather here on the seacoast.  On Saturday night my fiance and I decided to treat our parents to a harbor cruise out on the Heritage for the evening before grabbing dinner in town.  It was a gorgeous evening filled with some quality evening light and some beautiful coastal shots.  There’s not much in the world like taking a summer cruise up the Piscataqua.  Here’s a sampling of what we saw on the trip…(no HDRs because of the moving platform of the boat…so nothing too eye-popping, but lovely shots nonetheless). Enjoy!Whaleback Light