Rooftops on Bow Street

And today: something a little different.  I’ll get back to some lovely seascape landscapes on Thursday…but I thought I’d mix things up a bit today.  These are the rooftops of some of the condos located on the riverbank of the Piscataqua, next to Harbor Place…as seen from the rooftop perch above the Ale House Inn.

The scene was recently drenched by thunderstorms and ominous skies….so you can se the still wet bricks down below.  I instantly loved this scene – although it was a bit precarious to attempt to capture it with my camera, as it required some leaning out over the building (don’t worry, I was kept safe by a wrought iron fence).  The symmetry plus the incredible distance down to the ground and the interesting rooftop scene that is rarely seen all made for interesting elements to this shot.  I think it’s funny how the heating/air conditioning units on the top of the building appear to be bigger than the front doors down below.

As the Sun Retreats | From the Memorial Bridge

I went for a walk tonight to try out a new wide angle lens.  The quality isn’t the best – so when shooting directly towards the sun you get these intense sun flares.  Sometimes it ruins a shot pretty quickly, but for some reason I was really digging the rich red flare and the sunset with some more subtle processing…it was the first time I’ve caught the sunset on a weeknight in quite a while.  Hope you enjoy!

Memorial Bridge Railing & The Standard Hotel Miami

Today’s post is short and sweet.  Yet another take on Harbor Place from the Memorial Bridge seen above…from the warmer archives of April.  The majestic, yet deteriorating bridge is critical to both the Kittery, ME and the Portsmouth, NH economies and residents of both communities. As sad as it is, the fate of the bridge continues to be unknown as all of the needed funds haven’t yet been set aside for its desperately needed renovations.

Below is a little taste of what I think all of us New Englanders could use in mid-January, a taste of a Miami waterfront resort – poolside.  The shot was taken at The Standard Hotel | Miami (also known as the Lido Spa Hotel), overlooking their gorgeous infinity pool on the oceanfront.  I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Florida getting some sunshine and remembering what warm weather was like, thanks to a certain special someone.

Harbor Place & The Theodore Too

Harbor Place got a special visitor today, Theodore Too of the TV show Theodore Tugboat.  The rather adorable tugboat must be a hit with kids, as while I was snapping this shot I heard a very happy camper excited to see it from his parents car as they were driving by.  Stop by to check it out…

Meanwhile, I took a shot of the main entrance to Harbor Place…where you’ll find local firms Wiggin & Nourie as well as the new home of the Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art.  I hope to have another post up soon from my recent visit to the PMFA.

Memorial Bridge & Harbor Place

As the daylight disappears over the horizon and underneath the Memorial Bridge, the construction cranes at the former Pier II can be seen as work progresses on the new condos being built.  It will be interesting to see the structure continue to grow and how it complements the waterfront, replacing the old dilapidated Pier II restaurant.  Harbor Place, now an office building, sits on the banks of the Piscataqua River and has a storied past as various uses including a brewery, coal storage and power plant.  Check out some cool vintage photos and read more about its past over at

Today’s shot was taken with a tilt-shift lens rented from

Wind | From the Mary E. Prescott Pier

I wanted to give everyone a little flavor of what it’s like to be out shooting in the elements and conditions that often lend themselves to making great photographs, so I’ve included a video from that day below.  This late evening on the Mary E. Prescott Pier might look familiar – as I previously posted a similar shot from the same spot, which I think has a great allure between the docks and the bridge.  The intense wind that day was refreshing, and can definitely be seen on the water’s surface.  This post is in honor of fall’s arrival and the approaching New England winter!  Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in more video footage in the future.