Harbour Place Marina at Sunset

A pair of large boats sit docked at the Harbour Place Marina at the end of a late spring day during this long exposure.

Harbour Place and The Piscataqua

Movement.  Time brings motion and in this image, the rushing tide of the Piscataqua River flows past Harbour Place and beneath the Memorial Bridge.

Harbour Place and The Memorial Bridge

Portsmouth, Memorial Bridge, Harbour Place

Portsmouth is full of hidden gem locations, and you never know what view might be lurking around the corner from some of the downtown spots.  Harbour Place and The Memorial Bridge of Portsmouth and Kittery can be seen from the roof deck of a nearby home along the waterfront on Bow Street. This view is a bit different these days…but the shipyard and the Naval Prison are still clearly visible in the background, with the Piscataqua River flowing through the frame.

The Dock at Harbour Place

It’s quiet now, but the dock at Harbour Place on the waterfront of the Piscataqua can be host to some impressive boats during the warmer months.  I was walking around to scope out the latest updates on the deconstruction of the Memorial Bridge when I admired the lighting in the scene you see above.  The rich red brick against the wooden floorboardss were inviting, along with the depth conveyed in the shadows.  I love all of the hidden gem spots in Portsmouth.

Day's End at Harbour Place

One of my favorite vantage points to shoot from on a late summer evening was the walkway of the Memorial Bridge.  This long exposure provides a glimpse of a couple minutes of the last day’s light as the sun sinks on the horizon behind Harbour Place.

Summertime at the Docks

The Memorial Bridge stands tall above the Piscataqua and some boating activity at the docks at Prescott Park.  The late day sunlight is crystal clear with some interesting clouds in the sky.  In a couple short months (or maybe even weeks), the boats are likely to disappear and the scene will be a bit more desolate. It’s time to enjoy every last bit of warmth and time we get to spend outside as the days shorten.