The Pier in the Mist

This pier sits on the border of Prescott Park with nearly unparalleled views of the Memorial Bridge and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The shot was taken with my camera and a vintage Carl Zeiss Hasselblad 50mm lens, which has given this shot a soft out of focus blur in the background with a focal point in the lower right corner.  Not the typical crispness I go for these days, but it feels a bit more story-like to me and for whatever reason, it works.

Morrison's Lobsters | Kittery, Maine

While out on an afternoon walk, I thought it was time to head across the Memorial Bridge and do some quick exploring on Badger’s Island.  I found an absolutely gorgeous view of Portsmouth, the Memorial Bridge, and some very cool structures and buildings dotting the waterfront.  The Morrison’s Lobsters building has been in several of my photos from the other side of the river, so I wanted to be sure to explore a little more closely.  Perfectly New England!