Fall in Market Square

The scarecrow around the flagpole mark the fall season in Market Square along with the changing colors of the leaves in front of the North Church.

A Fall Sunset in The South End

A fall sunset in the South End of Portsmouth.  The colors & the layers made this one enjoyable sunset to watch.

The Moffatt-Ladd House

One of Portsmouth’s oldest structures is the Moffatt-Ladd House on Market Street, which was built in 1763.  The building has a beautiful garden hidden behind its Market Street facade, and probably one of the largest gardened open areas in downtown Portsmouth.  I love the look of this building, particularly as it is offset and complemented by the modern structure at 100 Market Street just next door.  I’ve always believed that our modern structures highlight the character of Portsmouth’s original buildings.

South End Street


The South End of Portsmouth has always had a special place in my heart.  Tiny streets, old houses, historic clapboards, charm.  It makes me love our dynamic downtown that much more, and appreciate the unchanged wcharacter of this area as well.  Lucky for these residents, the city has invested significantly in its infrastructure – repaving and adding brick sidewalks whenever possible.

South Street & Vine

The South End of Portsmouth is full of historic homes along the waterfront.  This particular part of town has a few commercial buildings, and Sander’s Fish Market and South Street & Vine are located in these colorful buildings at the intersection of Marcy Street and Pleasant Street. The way that the yellow clapboards of South Street & Vine were catching the sunlight was beautiful beneath a somewhat ominous sky.