In Bloom at Prescott Park

The springtime colors continue to flourish around the city.  These trees lining a walkway through Prescott Park are in full bloom, accentuated by the green grass and the overcast skies above. I’m always amazed at the opportunities around the city to sit and take in the many views – both historic and natural.

In the Garden | Prescott Park

I was beginning to wonder when we might ever see the sun again in the seacoast.  Late in the afternoon on Friday, it was clear enough to get out for a quick walk – and it was nice to have two relatively dry afternoons in a row.  I found myself in Prescott Park near the gorgeous little garden with these amazingly old trees beginning to take their shape for the season.  The trees are awesome both in the spring and in the winter – when they’re in bloom they are simply beautiful, and when they shed their leaves – their character is unparalleled.  Have a great weekend!

Springtime in the Seacoast

It’s a beautiful time of year. Spring has officially sprung and a few warm days have finally shown up here on the seacoast.  This beautiful tree on the grounds of the Wentworth By The Sea grand hotel in New Castle is just mesmerizing.  I love the colors of the leaves along with the natural color of the grass and bark.

Prescott Park In Bloom

Tonight was an overcast evening at Prescott Park, but I hadn’t been over for a walk in some time, so I decided it was time for a quick visit.  I absolutely love the trees that line the parking lot, particularly right around this week each year – so today’s post features this year’s trees in bloom….and also a take on the Joseph Sawtelle Pier.  One of the most photographed spots in the city, I’m sure – although most often I think it includes a shot of the Memorial Bridge.