At the Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast is an eclectic breakfast spot (that’s actually open nearly all hours) on Congress Street.  The spot is incredibly colorful and has some of the weirdest stuff you can ever imagine on the wall – which definitely makes for an entertaining visit.  People tend to either love or hate the place…I’ve had some great breakfasts here so I dig the place, though sometimes it’s not the best thing to walk around smelling like a breakfast joint all day.  Check it out sometime, I love playing the game of “Who Can Find the Most Random/Scary Thing On The Wall?”…the best part is, everybody wins!

I’d been dying to get in here with my camera sooner or later, and decided to drop in while I was waiting for the closing ceremonies of the New Hampshire Film Festival on Sunday.  The dark rich reds of the ceiling and the definitively retro floor tiles and walls make this place like no other in Portsmouth.

Another fun fact – NHFF award winner Jordan Vogt-Roberts can be seen in the top photo getting ready to hit the road….only about an hour before receiving his award for Best Short Comedy – awarded for his film “Successful Alcoholics”.

Wentworth Gardner House & Charles Warren Brewster

Charles Warren Brewster’s portrait hangs above a dresser in the Wentworth Gardner House that overlooks the back channel in Portsmouth’s South End.  I love all of the rich details in the various elements in this shot – the colors and the texture of the wooden bureau, the finely aged book cover and its shadow, the knitted piece, and the fine detail of the wallpaper.

On top of the dresser is the book that C.W. Brewster wrote entitled “Rambles About Portsmouth”…I’ve just learned of the book today for the first time, but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy and reading up…sounds like it’s rich with “historic sketches”.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post on the Wentworth Gardner House later this week and more shots from my visit.