Vintage South End

With a ferocious schedule, shooting time has been limited.  So what is a photographer to do?  Capitalize on the fact that he owns an iPhone 4, and snap away at will without the cumbersome DSLR on his shoulder.  This shot was from a late afternoon a couple weeks back, where we narrowly avoided a thunderstorm and had some awesomely huge clouds moving through the area.  The light was crisp and so were the reflections on the waterfront – this photo was cross processed on the phone – and washes out the sky, but I love the effect.

The Apple Store | 5th Avenue NYC

Today’s post is in honor of the iPhone 4 that should arrive sometime during the day today…a day earlier than the initially anticipated arrival on the 24th.

In our New York City adventure on Friday, we stopped for a quick snapshot of “the Cube” – aka the Apple Store on 5th Avenue.  The store isn’t all that dissimilar from other Apple stores you’ve probably been to, other than the fact that the real estate was probably ridiculously expensive, and the store is underground with an attractive (and very Apple) glassy exterior.  Looking forward to the new toy!