The Pier & The Prison

The Memorial Bridge provides a great bird’s eye view of a few parts of Portsmouth.  Prescott Park suddenly appears miniature along with the piers that reach over the Piscataqua River, and the Shipyard looms in the distance. In this shot, the fast moving river has been smoothed out thanks to some neutral density filtering, while the Naval Prison stands on the horizon looking like the big hulking ominous structure that it is.  I went with a more vintage style processing here because it looked good with the dark contrasting colors of the pier and pilings in the foreground.

The Pier in the Mist

This pier sits on the border of Prescott Park with nearly unparalleled views of the Memorial Bridge and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The shot was taken with my camera and a vintage Carl Zeiss Hasselblad 50mm lens, which has given this shot a soft out of focus blur in the background with a focal point in the lower right corner.  Not the typical crispness I go for these days, but it feels a bit more story-like to me and for whatever reason, it works.

Freighter in the Rain

The afternoon this shot was taken happened to be one of those perfectly timed opportune moments.  I had just filled up on gas over on Islington Street and was heading towards the Congress/Middle/Islington/Maplewood intersection and happened to see the bridge span lifted all the way to the top (a rare occasion in the summer, particularly as high as it was).

I decided that instead of heading directly home, I ought to head up State Street towards Prescott Park to see if there might be some interesting nautical traffic.  I happened to be in luck, and this massive beauty was just approaching the Memorial Bridge…and this girl must have been as interested in catching a glimpse of the boat as I was – since she ran all the way to the end of the pier to watch and enjoy the view.  The umbrella with the cloud cover along with the bright ship made for a beautiful shot.  Here’s another version below with an antique processing/feel – which do you like better?

The Rockingham & A Sunrise over the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

The Rockingham on State Street in a mid-winter scene.  Below, the first rays of the morning sun begin to reach over the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on the horizon as seen from the Joseph Sawtelle Pier in Prescott Park. Experimenting again with crop sizes.