Portsmouth Fireworks

Independence Day is only one day away, and Portsmouth will be holding its annual fireworks display in honor of the holiday tonight, July 3rd at 9:15pm.  There are many great locations around town to enjoy the show – one of my favorites is from Sander’s Fish Market in the South End, another is at the Weathervane waterfront restaurant in Kittery, Maine, and of course from the balcony at the 100 Club.


Harbour Place Streetscape

Today’s post features Harbour Place from a different vantage point than you’re probably used to seeing.  This is from the actual section of street just under the Memorial Bridge known as Harbour Place…which I didn’t realize was the street name until today.  It’s worth following State Street around the corner and under the bridge to reach this spot – where you can get nice shots of the bridge and the waterfront.  Stop by on your way through at the building’s Museum of Art…a recent addition to the local arts scene.

Today is also the first day I’m featuring the new Neutral Density filter I bought – which allows you to shoot long exposures in broad daylight – which helps make vibrant colors and other interesting things…I’m looking forward to playing around with this little piece of equipment.

Happy Independence Day to everyone – and happy birthday to the United States of America.

NYC Fireworks

NYC Fireworks