Boats | Kittery, Maine

Boats are both an escape for adventure and a way of life (for fishermen/lobstermen, etc.) in the seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine.  In this shot, a few boats are seen docked on the Kittery, Maine side of the Piscataqua River.

I snapped this after enjoying what I’m sure will only be a handful of walks I’ll take across the Memorial Bridge before its central lift span is removed sometime later this year.  What a beautiful way to see the waterfront, strolling along the grates and perched above the boating activity and the rapid current beneath.

Morrison's Lobsters | Kittery, Maine

While out on an afternoon walk, I thought it was time to head across the Memorial Bridge and do some quick exploring on Badger’s Island.  I found an absolutely gorgeous view of Portsmouth, the Memorial Bridge, and some very cool structures and buildings dotting the waterfront.  The Morrison’s Lobsters building has been in several of my photos from the other side of the river, so I wanted to be sure to explore a little more closely.  Perfectly New England!

Golden Harvest | Kittery, Maine

With the return of the Spring weather here on the seacoast – I’ve found myself venturing out of my routine a bit more regularly.  Maybe with enough practice I’ll have a new routine…this particular afternoon brought me across the river to Maine in search of a chocolate cake, which I was able to find at Golden Harvest.  As I’m sure many already know – this is one of the seacoast’s true institutions when it comes to groceries and fresh food.  I remember first coming here as a little kid with a friend’s mom on summer vacation and hating the fact that I was sitting outside staring at a bunch of vegetables.  Fast forward 20 years and here I am picking up some fruit for lunch, some cake to deliver as a surprise…and the character of the building is still very much true to itself.  Something I’ve always appreciated about this spot…go check it out sometime and grab some food for a picnic at your favorite outdoor destination.

On the Coast | Black & White

Another image from a quick visit to Fort Foster this past weekend.  Unlike yesterday’s post “Time”, this final image consists of 9 separate shots all combined to get the best lighting from each of the 9 different exposures. I love a nice misty feeling waterfront, yet the cool colors of the sunset and evening sky – that combined to produce a nice calm black & white image.  Whaleback Light is featured in the distance along with the Kittery Life Saving Station that is long defunct.

I’d also like to wish my beloved Canon 5d Mark II a happy birthday!  It recently turned 2 years old this past week, and has seen some great things in its very short lifespan…although, unfortunately cameras age more like dogs than humans – with new technology all the time, it will likely be an old man in a couple more years.


It’s easy to forget that a photograph is a period of time captured and immortalized.  I always strive to make a good photograph – something that conveys a sense of place, a feeling, an emotion or elicits a reaction.  There are definitely an infinite number of ways to approach a shot, a scene, or a moment…and I often gravitate to the ways I have become most comfortable with.  This shot definitely does not fall within that range…it’s two minutes and sixteen seconds of recorded time at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine during a muted sunset over the pier and Portsmouth in the distance. When you’re using tools to experiment with capturing a scene, it can be stressful…especially when so much time is at risk and you’re on the sidelines until the exposure is complete.  I happen to love the shot and the overall softness of the scene…and with the unfamiliar texture of the water, thanks to the duration of 2 minute and 16 seconds of setting sun and rolling waves at high tide.