Badger's Island Marina

Badger’s Island Marina

On a summer evening, the fog was so thick that you could barely see Portsmouth from Kittery, Maine.  Badger’s Island Marina can be seen in the foreground with the Memorial Bridge peeking through the dense fog in the distance – all beneath a summery sunset.


Morrison's Lobsters & The Memorial Bridge

Now that the Memorial Bridge is open for business, it has re-opened a world of options for shooting on foot.  In my first walk back over the bridge after work, I took a nice stroll along the Kittery waterfront and enjoyed seeing many familiar old structures that I haven’t seen in some time.  The Morrison’s Lobsters warehouse on the Piscataqua River has always been a favorite subject – and I’m drawn to the clean lines of the piers and the new Memorial Bridge along with the linear wall of metal on the building itself.

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

One of the seacoast’s largest economic drivers is the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The shipyard employs a tremendous amount of workers and pays them handsome sums of money, which fuels the growth of our local economy.  This world class facility operates on nuclear submarines right in our own back yard, which is both a fascinating and horrifying fact given the potential for nuclear disaster.  Much of the shipyard remains a mystery for security reasons, and you can only gain access from two gates on land in Kittery, but it is an imposing neighbor with beautiful industrial appeal.  In this shot, two Coast Guard cutters are docked on shore in front of the Naval Shipyard Prison (Alcatraz of the East) and beneath some quickly moving clouds illuminated by the setting sun.

Preparing for The End

This bridge will never fail to make me feel nostalgic and warm and fuzzy about Portsmouth and the New Hampshire Seacoast.  It’s like losing a loved one…as the bridge’s days are most definitely numbered…just looking at its underbelly it becomes clear that this won’t be suited for traffic for much longer.  And, with the recent uncertainty about the funds necessary to construct its replacement, the connected downtown waterfronts of Kittery and Portsmouth could become just a memory.  Many prominent people are fighting and doing their best to make a case to Washington, but you never know. In the meantime, it’s in everyone’s best interest to enjoy this stoic memorial as much as possible (and I intend to shoot it until I can’t stand the sight of it anymore).