A Night On The Waterfront

From a distance, a night on the waterfront in Portsmouth seems tranquil and inviting.  This same scene from the decks themselves reveals a busy and vibrant night life, where it’s normal to have to wait for a table – but it’s usually all worth it if you can time it perfectly and enjoy a summer sunset out over the Piscataqua River on a warm night.

Badger's Island

I love being able to walk to/from Kittery so easily now that the Memorial Bridge is back in action.  This scene on Badger’s Island has always been one of my favorite scenes along the waterfront – the lobster boats at rest with the shacks and the skyline in the background.

Morrison's Lobsters & The Memorial Bridge

Now that the Memorial Bridge is open for business, it has re-opened a world of options for shooting on foot.  In my first walk back over the bridge after work, I took a nice stroll along the Kittery waterfront and enjoyed seeing many familiar old structures that I haven’t seen in some time.  The Morrison’s Lobsters warehouse on the Piscataqua River has always been a favorite subject – and I’m drawn to the clean lines of the piers and the new Memorial Bridge along with the linear wall of metal on the building itself.

Whaleback Lighthouse at Sunset

During an evening out on the water with Portsmouth Harbor Cruises, the towering clouds in the sky were kissed by the setting sun’s light.  With this as a backdrop, the iconic Whaleback Lighthouse stands tall in Portsmouth Harbor between New Castle and Kittery. The rich texture of the natural stone that the lighthouse was constructed with is my favorite part, beautiful against any sky.

Dawn at Fort Foster

The New England coastline is a thing of beauty.  This image is from the Maine coast at Fort Foster and was taken just as the day’s first light crept over the horizon, illuminating the wispy clouds and Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.

Along the Kittery Waterfront


With all the activity on the Portsmouth side of the Piscataqua, sometimes I forget how interesting Kittery’s waterfront is.  These lobster boats sit resting and ready for the next day’s activity at the end of the afternoon.  Be sure to click this image to enjoy it at full size.


The Rising of The Memorial Bridge

This image is a bit dated already, as the reconstruction of the Memorial Bridge continues to go very swiftly.  The north span is now in place on the Kittery shorefront, and the towers continue to rise.  I’m excited to be able to walk the bridge this summer and to shoot the fully completed view from Prescott Park.

Seascape from Fort Foster

A cool morning in New England provides great photographic opportunities.  One morning I headed out to Fort Foster with some friends at sunrise, and came away with a few shots I was happy with.  The rocks in the foreground are in Maine while the image looks out into Portsmouth Harbor with Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.