Harbour Place and The Piscataqua

Movement.  Time brings motion and in this image, the rushing tide of the Piscataqua River flows past Harbour Place and beneath the Memorial Bridge.

Sunrise at the Atlantic Ocean

This is one of my favorite images from a morning that I spent on Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport enjoying a sunrise at the atlantic ocean.  In the distance, homes dotting the shoreline are just beginning to get hit with the orange glow of the sunrise while others are still in the early morning dark.  The sailboats and the cloud movement from the long exposure gave the scene an element of vibrancy among the eerie quiet of the morning.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Est. 1800

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is a huge part of the seacoast economy.  The place employs an incredible amount of people with an equally impressive payroll that pumps money back into the local economy.  From across the Piscataqua, the Shipyard looks like a calm and empty destination. I love the industrial look and feel of the shipyard’s waterfront from Prescott Park, a study in contrast where people are free to enjoy walking around the grassy waterfront land.

Land & Sea

On the coast in Rye, NH, land meets sea.  The little point of land that juts out into the ocean was just barely accessible at high tide, and many people were there taking advantage.  You can find traces of human amidst the frame here as people wandered about and enjoyed being in the midst of the ocean.  The long exposure lends an airiness and emptiness to the scene.

Fall in the White Mountains

The Lower Falls off the Kancamangus Highway are a beautiful force of nature. With a few extra hours to spare, the decision was made to head north to enjoy some of New Hampshire’s world famous fall foliage.  It was a gorgeous day on Saturday, and we took full advantage – traveling on meandering tree-lined roads, finding a lake, doing a spontaneous photo shoot at the falls, and finishing the day with a meal at the Mount Washington Hotel. More photos to follow throughout the week!