A Freighter Profile | Maori Maiden

The Maori Maiden was a very interesting freighter, thanks to its bright green and yellow decking and baby blue exhaust tower.  Looking forward to tracking a new set of ships that will be in and out of Portsmouth through the winter months.  The salt piles are currently tall, but will wane as the winter weather begins to rear its ugly head, which can only mean more river traffic.  It’s a nice distraction during what becomes a long and cold march towards spring.

Maori Maiden | Freighters of Portsmouth

I thought a good series to work on over the coming year would be Freighters of Portsmouth.  These behemoths come to our little port here in New Hampshire from all over the world, to load/unload sand, salt and scrap metal at the various terminals.  I’ll always be fascinated when I time an arrival/departure and get to witness the ship navigate under one of our lift span bridges, and watch as the tugs try to coerce the vessel into port.  In this shot, the Maori Maiden visits from its home in Manila.  I like this shot a little more than usual since I took it on my birthday back in March.

A New Angle on the Tugboats

Today features the tugboats from a less familiar angle – from behind.  I’ve usually shot the tugs from the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise vista or from the front at the Oar House Dock, but this vantage point comes courtesy of the city’s new public park along the waterfront.  Be sure to click this one to see it larger – as it features incredible detail of the worn hulls of the vessel thanks to countless hours of work on the Piscataqua in the incredible tide alongside the massive freighters. The Maori Maiden from Manila can be seen in the background.  The ridiculous detail comes courtesy of the demo Hasselblad H4D-31 that I had the good fortune to try for a few days.