Sweeping Views of the Coast

The proud owners of these oceanfront homes get to enjoy this magnificent view day in and day out.  We were driving around Ogunquit when we stumbled on this road, which happened to be well positioned to catch the clouds and their reflections in the ocean.  The depth in the shot with the walkways and the fence drew me in immediately, so we absolutely had to pull over for a few quick exposures.

Perkins Cove | Ogunquit, Maine

To our north, Maine enjoys a much longer coastline than we do here in New Hampshire.  That is a great thing, so I decided to travel up the coast with some family over the weekend to go for a wet walk on the Marginal Way.  We broke up our stroll with a delicious and traditional lobster-shack type meal in the warm interior of Barnacle Billy’s (complete with fire).  I had never came over to this side of Perkins Cove before – and sure enough, it was worth the visit.  I loved the foggy atmosphere and the absolutely classic coastal look with the various sailboats and fishing vessels.

Watching the Horizon

The Marginal Way in Ogunquit must be one of the most beautiful pulaces on the eastern seaboard.  The rocky coastline is marked by a beautiful walking path, with direct water access and a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean and plenty of massive coastal homes.  I’d shot here before, although in a limited area…and I found myself shooting in a new spot this time around.  Immediately I recognized a landmark, as I’d seen beautifully captured before by my good friend Chris Lazzery – who has made some great images during his visits here.

The landmark was this massive lifeguard chair perched on the rock.  It’s very striking when captured well…I’ve got a couple more exposures of it that I like and plan to share soon.  I will definitely be back for another attempt!


Watching the Horizon

This gentleman was enjoying the sunset from the Marginal Way as much as I was…I’m guessing this, because as I rushed around for 10 or 15 minutes trying to decide what I might shoot, he stood transfixed on the horizon and the gorgeous afternoon light as it retreated.  Everyone is drawn to different things in the world at various times and places, but I think it’s safe to assume we were both enjoying taking in the view.

The Marginal Way | Ogunquit, Maine

On a Veterans Day visit to Perkins Cove and the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine, my brother and I were greeted with some fierce ocean waves and gorgeous sunlight.  The waves were so big in fact, that when I set up my tripod in the parking lot, as I was framing a shot with my eye in the viewfinder – I was actually soaked with the spray from the waves hitting the rock wall.  (Yes, soaked…so badly in fact that a couple walking by offered to get paper towels from their car to save my camera!)

The scenery didn’t lend itself to HDR imagery with the churning of the ocean, but the late day sunlight was so rich in color that I kept shooting and shooting with all the variety in the textures of the water and the coastline.  Plenty of shots from this trip…hope to get back during sunrise some day to catch the gorgeous morning sunlight as it reaches the east coast.

The Marginal Way | Ogunquit, Maine

Spring is officially around the corner (I don’t want to stretch too far and say it’s here – and then end up with a blizzard)!  On Saturday I ventured up to Ogunquit for a stroll along the Marginal Way with one very special lady.  We had a perfect sunny afternoon, and I was happy to have some sunshine and warmth as a birthday gift.  Here are a couple shots from the coastline during the late afternoon…I will definitely be heading back!

Also – a huge thank you to Fotomoto.com for making me the featured artist for March 7th!

Here’s the original shot: