The Moffatt-Ladd House

One of Portsmouth’s oldest structures is the Moffatt-Ladd House on Market Street, which was built in 1763.  The building has a beautiful garden hidden behind its Market Street facade, and probably one of the largest gardened open areas in downtown Portsmouth.  I love the look of this building, particularly as it is offset and complemented by the modern structure at 100 Market Street just next door.  I’ve always believed that our modern structures highlight the character of Portsmouth’s original buildings.

The Scale at Granite State Minerals

The scale at the Granite State Minerals terminal on Market Street is a massive piece of equipment.  Soon we will see more and more freighters and trucks hauling materials into and out of town with fall and winter just around the corner.

I think that I will forever be fascinated by these massive freighters that glide into town guided by the Moran Towing tugboats.

Portsmouth's Gardens | The Moffatt Ladd House

One of the largest and most beautiful stretches of green space in Portsmouth is quietly tucked behind the Moffatt Ladd House on Market Street.  The first time that I saw this lush garden – it really struck me at how long and expansive the historic lot was – since I’d only really seen the main historic building and carriage house from the streetfront.  Buildings on The Hill can be seen at the upper left corner while the Piscataqua River Bridge can be seen off in the distance at top right.

Bow Street at Market Street

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it another thousand times.  The curve of the buildings along Bow Street is a beautiful thing, demonstrating the curve in the Piscataqua River as seen from land.  As captured in this image, Market Street and Bow Street are busy places, usually the most fun places to be during warmer weather – evidenced by the steady flow of pedestrians.  I loved the lighting and the summery mood in this image, and enjoyed seeing peoples’ reaction to the cars as they navigate the streets.  Portsmouth is great for people watching all times of year, but especially when the people start coming out of the woodwork in the spring months.

Morning on Bow Street

Bow Street is most frequently shown from the view at the top of the hill – where you can see the historic buildings that follow the curve of the Piscataqua River frontage.  On a morning walk, I decided to capture what I thought was also a beautiful moment in time.  It just so happens, that this view probably also hasn’t changed too dramatically in my lifetime – and maybe in decades.  Downtown Portsmouth is an awesome place.


Market Street View

After the sun retreats and before night sets in, there’s this magic time of day that photographers like to call the blue hour.  This particular evening, following a nice cloudy afternoon, the storefronts on Market Street were illuminating the sidewalk and the colors of the buildings complimented the rich blue evening sky in a way that I had to shoot.  A simple glimpse of an evening strolling down Market Street.

Evening Sets In at Market Square

One of my favorite times to shoot is during a rain storm…while it can get frustrating cleaning off the lens time and time again – it’s usually rewarding in the lighting and lengthened reflections in the wet asphalt. Here’s a fresh take on Market Square from a new perspective.  Be sure to click this one to see it large.

On Market Street

The wide brick sidewalks on Market Street are one of Portsmouth’s beloved and inviting features.  Many retail shops line the streets, and in this shots one of my favorite spots – Three Graces Gallery – can be seen mid frame.

The Portsmouth Athenaeum

The Portsmouth Athenaeum is one of the older buildings in town, and is actually still in use as its original function – as a members library (originally incorporated in 1817). The building stands tall watching over Market Square, amidst the rhythm of brick buildings lining the popular destination.