The Spiral Staircase on The Waterfront

The Spiral Staircase on The Waterfront

The spiral staircase that climbs the building on the waterfront side of Bow Street has long been a favorite of mine.  The lighting is usually dramatic at the waterfront, and this bright afternoon was no exception.  The tugboats can be seen in the background as well as the waterfront deck of the Martingale Wharf.  It’s the little details around town that I always enjoy seeing, in all types of weather and in all types of light.

A Night On The Waterfront

From a distance, a night on the waterfront in Portsmouth seems tranquil and inviting.  This same scene from the decks themselves reveals a busy and vibrant night life, where it’s normal to have to wait for a table – but it’s usually all worth it if you can time it perfectly and enjoy a summer sunset out over the Piscataqua River on a warm night.

Waterfront Vista | From Kittery

A vista of downtown Portsmouth and its historic Ceres Street and Bow Street waterfronts.  The dark and ominous sky made for a moody scene – but didn’t keep a few rays of sunlight from reaching through.


The Portsmouth Waterfront

The Portsmouth waterfront along Bow Street is a unique little spot in this world.  In the summertime, it is a lively and bustling place filled with restaurant patrons and good food & beverage, usually with a gorgeous waterfront sunset and a front row seat to industrial river traffic.

As seen from Maine, the waterfront is a more peaceful and distant place.  This was taken following an intense thunderstorm in the late afternoon, with towering clouds hovering over the city.  The Martingale Wharf can be seen mid-construction with its iron framing in plain site, after the original building was demolished.

Reflections of The Decks at Night

One of my favorite things to do in town has always been to enjoy a drink and a meal on the waterfront.  Not many places in this world get to enjoy a beautiful waterfront spot, with interesting industrial activity and a lively crowd.  In this image, the new Martingale Wharf building can be seen across the water from the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise dock.  You have to click this one to see it large.

An Afternoon by the Portsmouth Waterfront

The new Martingale Wharf can be seen in the background with the Moran Towing tugboat standing guard over The Decks of Portsmouth.

Tugs Martingale Afternoon, originally uploaded by Philip Case Cohen.

Happy Independence Day | Portsmouth Fireworks

Thank you to all of the patriots, past and present, who contribute to earning and maintaining our country’s freedom.

Here is a glimpse of the 2012 Portsmouth fireworks as seen from across the river in Kittery.

A View from the Martingale Wharf

The dismantling of the Memorial Bridge continues as seen from the deck of the Martingale Wharf building.  The new deck sits just over the Piscataqua River with a beautiful view up river and also around the corner, past this interesting spiral staircase to the bridge from Maine to New Hampshire.

Rooflines at Sunrise

One of my favorite parts of my photographic adventures are the people I get to meet, and the places I get to shoot.  I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to shoot sunrise from the roof of the new Residences at Portwalk project that has been in the news so much lately.  The roof of the building in the heart of the Northern Tier is uniquely positioned above Hanover Street and the city’s parking garage, with a nice clear view towards Bow Street and the Memorial Bridge.

I was greeted by a soft orange glow in the sky, about 15 minutes before the sun made it over the horizon and the rooflines. The early day light was all that was needed to give a hint of detail in the Bow Street buildings and the power lines, with the cranes of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard visible in the background. A beautiful morning and a memorable view.