4th of July Fireworks

Portsmouth’s annual fireworks were delayed by two days due to weather, which was a welcome change – because it meant that I could get out to take some pictures.  I was torn on where I wanted to head, but ultimately decided to go to Kittery for some waterfront shots.  I knew the fireworks would be somewhere near the North Church, but other than that I didn’t quite know what to expect.  Needless to say, I enjoyed the evening!

The Martingale Wharf

It has been finished.  After many years of starts and stops, the building has finally arrived in all of its waterfront glory.  Tenants include a few office users, and Portsmouth’s newest seafood restaurant, Surf Portsmouth.  The building has an expansive deck with an incredible view of the water, and I’m sure all tenants on the upper floors will appreciate the knockout views on the water side.  It’s wonderful to have our city street back intact on Bow Street, with a very cool staircase leading down to the waterfront.  I’d encourage you to check it out, or peek through the windows to see the lush finishes in the entryways – or stop in to Surf for a drink.  While the view of the water from Bow Street has disappeared from the old parking lots that once stood in the place of the Martingale, it’s looking infinitely better from the water side and from Kittery, where this shot was taken.

A Bow Street Night

This photo is nearly two years old.  In it you can enjoy a car heading up Bow Street as night settles in, and the old structure of the former Martingale Wharf tucked in between the newer steel structures on either side.  These days, the street looks very much the same, with a brand spanking new Martingale Wharf building straddling Bow Street and standing tall over the Piscataqua River.  I’ll feature that building in the near future so you can see just how the streetscape has been changed, and the view out to the water lost forever – but replaced with hopefully some good new restaurants and interesting businesses to have downtown.

A New Deck In Town

After chronicling the progress of the The Martingale Wharf project  over the past couple years, it is finally in its final phase – and I must say, it looks like it’s going to be an awesome addition to the waterfront.  The modern details (wire balconies and some granite on the facade) on the brick structure help it stand out from an otherwise ordinary addition.  The new deck is absolutely massive, which is accessed from a nice granite/cement/brick stairwell that leads down to the waterfront and provides access to all the other decks.  I can’t wait to enjoy a few evenings outside while watching the sunset and doing some top notch people watching. This looks like it will be a great spot to do all of the above.

A Penhallow Street Evening

Recently I’ve been writing about the changes that Portsmouth has seen over the past year or so. If you look carefully, you’ll note that this scene was shot during the holiday season, with a wreath hanging over the entrance to The Dolphin Striker…and if you look more closely, you’ll note that the Martingale Wharf building is still a hollow shell – meaning this was shot last year.  This December…the holiday wreaths are back up on the lightposts throughout the downtown, but the Martingale Wharf is unrecognizable from its former self, now with a fresh brick facade and an angular position on Bow Street with a sweeping view of the Piscataqua.

Misty Waterfront | The Daily Portsmouth at The Music Hall

Today’s image is representative of the wet weather we’ve been having this week (when I got stuck in the worst downpour of the day on my way to Googie’s for lunch).  It’s also representative of the city itself – a fitting image for an evening when we’ll take a look at the last year and a half of images that have graced the screens here at The Daily Portsmouth, in an hourlong slideshow at The Music Hall at this month’s Scene @ Five!

The fog begins to clear on the Memorial Bridge, as its fate became a bit more certain this fall with a commitment from various parties to replace it entirely.  The Martingale Wharf building has received its brick face on Bow Street, and the green screen shields the waterfront side of the building before it gets its exoskeleton.  The Moran Towing tugboats stand as stoic as ever docked in their home, and The Heritage remains quiet – docked for the winter season until harbor cruises return with warmer weather in the spring.  I had a blast gathering images (good and bad) dating back to the early days – and I hope you give yourself a chance to come watch the show in the fancy Founder’s Lobby at The Music Hall.

I’ll be raffling off a 16″x24″ gatorboard (ready to hang) print and also a 20″x30″ print on Thursday night – with all proceeds to benefit The Music Hall and The Portsmouth Museum of Art!  It’s important to support our local cultural spots who strive to bring us opportunities to experience and engage in arts of all kinds.  I’m thrilled to raise some money for some worthy institutions. Raffle tickets will be $2/each or 3 for $5.  Buy a few and maybe you’ll have a nice holiday gift for that special someone!  Hope to see you at the event.

Chronicles of the Martingale Wharf

In today’s post we’ll feature two recent shots of the Martingale Wharf, the long awaited construction project currently underway on Bow Street on Portsmouth’s waterfront.  The building is finally getting its skin, with bricks being installed on the Bow Street facade…along with new windows and more inside that I can’t really see.  The good news is that we might actually have a streetscape on Bow St. like we used to in days gone by….a win for both locals and tourists.  I really dig the shot above – it feels very natural and realistic all at the same time.  Taken with the Zeiss Hasselblad 100mm….it seems to call out textures and lighting on objects that just seem to fall flat with other lenses (or maybe I’m just a bit crazy).  Below, the front of the building gets its new brick skin…