In the Moonlight

The North Church Steeple gets a lot of attention.  It’s one of Portsmouth’s tallest structures, easily visible from vistas north, south, east and west.  I’m always on the lookout myself for something interesting – and when grabbing food downtown before heading out for the trip this weekend, I noticed the moon hovering in the far distance just over the steeple’s shoulder.  It’s a beautifully simple scene with some nice elements.  Hope you enjoy!

An Evening at the Wentworth-Coolidge

The seacoast experienced a gorgeous sunset on Thursday evening.  After an event in New Castle at the Wentworth Marina – I was joined by another local photographer, Ron Risman of  We decided to head over to the sprawling Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion property on the back channel in Portsmouth…and despite the ridiculous mosquitoes that wanted us to pack it in for the night, we enjoyed some lush colors in the sky and some moonlight.

The shot above features the large yellow structure as it sits along the waterfront with some awesome summer hues.  The shot below was taken directly opposite from the sunset shot a bit later on – and features the gorgeous moonlight reflected on the water, with a little bit of jetty to spice it up.

For the camera techies out there – the shot above was a 5-exposure series (-2 to +2)…and the moonlight shot below was a 3-exposure set of brackets (-2 to +2).