Atlantic Progress | Singapore

There are many different opinions on Portsmouth’s working waterfront, but I for one love the fact that we can enjoy freighters from all over the world right here in town.

In this image, the Atlantic Progress from Singapore sits docked at the Granite State Minerals pier along Portsmouth’s waterfront.


Sunset Over The Tugboats

A dramatic sunset over the Moran Towing tugboats docked at their home in Portsmouth.  I love when certain ingredients come together… no matter how many times I might visit a location, I never know what to expect for light, sky, etc. – but I know that the sun sets behind the buildings along Market Street, and I was happy to find a nice combination of late day light and clouds overhead.


Piscataqua River Workhorses | Tugboats

The Moran Towing tugboats are rugged creatures.  These monsters work diligently throughout the year, especially in the midst of winter, ensuring that the river traffic navigates the Piscataqua with ease.  This was taken after the big snowstorm of 2013 came and went, leaving a rainy/slushy day in its wake – as you can see the massive rain drops in the surface of the river.


The Atlantic Pearl from Penhallow Street


The Atlantic Pearl as seen from Penhallow Street.  I’ve always loved the imposing presence of a freighter next to the tugboats from this angle.  It fits right in with the scale of the multi-storied buildings surrounding it, and is a sight that’s probably not seen in many places around the country.  It’s always a reminder of where we live and how unique it is.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to watch merchant ships unloading centuries ago in this very spot.


Tugboats and the Memorial Bridge

Another glimpse of what Portsmouth’s waterfront looked like with the original Memorial Bridge.  In just about eight more months, a replacement bridge will be standing in its place – reconnecting the communities of Kittery and Portsmouth.  The iconic Moran Towing tugboats sit at rest in the foreground.

An Afternoon by the Portsmouth Waterfront

The new Martingale Wharf can be seen in the background with the Moran Towing tugboat standing guard over The Decks of Portsmouth.

Tugs Martingale Afternoon, originally uploaded by Philip Case Cohen.

As Night Sets In on the Piscataqua

The spring and summer months provide a spectacular view of the sunset from Portsmouth’s Decks.  It’s always a fun place to have dinner or a drink when the weather is warm, especially with a front row seat to the beautiful sunsets we enjoy during the summer.  I obviously love to shoot the dramatic sunsets, but I don’t as often take the time to capture a night shot once the sun has set.  This dusk time shot features a freighter in port in the distance, the tugboats, a hint of daylight on the horizon, the Memorial Bridge cranes and the Middle and Piscataqua River bridges.

Tugboats and Clouds on the Piscataqua

A simple and moody shot of the famed Tugboats and The Old Ferry Landing as seen from The River House’s deck.  I’m eagerly anticipating the warm weather’s return so that I can eat food outside and enjoy this gorgeous waterfront spot.

A Bridgeless Waterfront

The waterfront is undergoing a permanent change.  The Memorial Bridge continues to look different every day, and this particular afternoon was the first chance I had to take a photo from one of my favorite spots – documenting the disappearance of the bridge’s profile from the quintessential Moran Towing tugboat shot.