Ceres Street in the Fog

Earlier this week, the weather was pretty darn hot – and the mornings were ridiculously foggy.  I’ve always loved these stairwells on the back of the Ceres Street rowhouses, and the thick misty fog only added to the aura they bring to the streetscape.  The brick walkways and leading lines are cool, and my favorite part might be the flower petals that have fallen from the hanging plant that are strewn around the watermark.

Come visit tomorrow for some shots I snapped from the 100 Club – where Catapult Seacoast held its latest event in the Business Speaker Series that featured the fascinating mind of thinker/painter/scientist/filmmaker Chase Bailey of Left Bank Films.  Some beautiful shots await…

Sunrise at Prescott Park

I decided to take advantage of great fall weather and being awake before 6am today to head into town to watch (and shoot) the sunrise.  This shot of the Mary Prescott Pier ranks as one of my favorites from the morning, with many more to follow.  The spoils were well worth the early morning efforts.

Hope you enjoy.