A Glow on Mount Washington | In The Snow

In this image from last winter, there is a glow on Mount Washington in the snow.  The striking peak with its observatory at the summit is home to the “World’s Worst Weather“, but it certainly looks soothing (and cold) from this safe distance.

Mount Washington in the Distance

Shot earlier this year in the throes of winter in March, this sunset shot from Gunstock features Mount Washington in the distance.  Lately I’ve been particularly drawn to pastels and natural landscapes, and this image has the beauty of both – with a splash of Lake Winnipesaukee mixed in.

Mount Washington

New Hampshire’s tallest peak, Mount Washington, is also one of the windiest places on the planet, and infamous for having the “world’s worst weather”.  From the beautiful deck on the back of the Omni Mount Washington Hotel, the serene view was inviting and seemed anything but treacherous.  Since I’ve hiked it in good conditions in the past, I know it’s never anything to take for granted, but that the views are worth the effort. Sometimes I get so focused on the beauty here in the Seacoast that I forget how many treasures we have up north in the White Mountains.