The Press Room

The Press Room is one of Portsmouth’s most longstanding establishments – and is unquestionably the destination for live music in Portsmouth.  The place has a phenomenal vibe, and live music every night of the week…with rustic exposed wooden beams, a cozy bar, and a friendly atmosphere. Next time you’ve got a hankering for music and a pint…head over to Daniel Street. The architect of the institution’s rich music history and culture, Bruce Pingree, was recently interviewed by Gossip Lady over at

It was trash day downtown…the recycling bins and trash cans sit out on the sidewalk after Public Works did their thing.  It brings a real tangible dynamic to the otherwise picturesque storefront.

Prescott Park Arts Festival

In Portsmouth, we’re lucky to have a vibrant arts scene, which includes the Prescott Park Arts Festival and various performers all summer long.  Here a crowd enjoys some good old fashioned fiddling courtesy of 2-time Canadian Fiddle Champ, April Verch.  Grease will be winding up its summer tour at the park with its finale this weekend.  Schedule HERE.