Portsmouth from Across The Water

I must say, there is a lot that I love about this photograph.  How distant the subject feels, yet so intimate because of the vignetting and the soft smoothness of the water….That the scene is warm with the evening sunset’s glow, yet signs of an industrialized location are evident with the power lines and the cranes and salt piles on the horizon.  The leading lines of the power lines pass right over hotels of the downtown area and reach towards the waterfront.  Lots of great elements….but mostly, I love the colors and the transitions. I hope you enjoy one of these little elements as much as I do.

Approaching Spring on the River

This long exposure of the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion carries with it the last trace of winter with a couple piles of snow adorning the grounds on the waterfront home.  With the return of warmth on Friday, and longer days, spring is definitely around the corner.  This was another experiment in seascape long exposures with the 10-stop neutral density filter. While I love the soft colors of the sky and the serenity in the scene….there’s many more colorful sunsets/sunrises waiting for exploration once I get the hang of it.  In keeping with some variety – I hope to get some interesting material up over the next few days…so stay tuned!

The Lone Tree

Spending time at Fort Foster during the first minutes of daylight was a great decision this weekend.  I spent equal parts of the morning running around to try and get great shots & strolling around just enjoying the view.  There was something about this lone tree along the coast that struck me as majestic and very peaceful.  I grabbed the 10-stop neutral density filter and made a 65-second exposure, getting some dreamy light on the tree’s bare limbs and some soft water texture with the movement of the tide.  Whaleback Lighthouse is a nice treat in the background.

On another note, I would like to acknowledge all of the wonderful people who bring a positive vibe to the photography community, and recognize those who provide their feedback (whether good or bad – as long as it’s constructive).  If you know me or have ever taken the time to chat (which I’m ALWAYS up for doing), you’ll know that I definitely don’t know everything there is to know about photography (and don’t profess to) – but I am always happy to share what I do with those who want to learn, and always encourage others, while seeking growth for myself.  This weekend’s sunrise shoot with some very talented gentlemen (who seriously humble me) was a great example of that….I came back with a few shots that I’m happy with, but have seen some iconic and epic landscapes that made my jaw drop.  At the end of the day, I think it’s important to pay it forward, always be appreciative, and always strive for better.  A sincere thanks to all those who deserve it – I’m glad you stopped by to read today and hope you enjoy the tree.

Sunrise at Yellowstone Lake

A couple of my favorite images from the Saturday morning sunrise in Yellowstone National Park at Yellowstone Lake.  These images were taken with my 10-stop neutral density filter, with exposure times of more than one minute.  Going for an interesting and different look here….I like the softer and sunrise appropriate feel.

South Mill Pond

Here is a little taste of the South Mill Pond as seen in the late afternoon/early evening.  I’ve always adored the little house & building right on the water here across from Sanders Fish Market.  I’d never crept down onto the rocks until this afternoon – and it gave me a much better view of the water as it streamed into the South Mill Pond from the Back Channel as the tide was coming in.

The blurred water is the product of a long exposure….which was due to the use of the neutral density filter to darken the lens…which also lends a warmer feel to the image with all of the sunlight that was allowed into the camera’s sensor during the shot.

At the Corner of Bow & Market

With all of the construction that’s been making its rounds throughout the city this summer, you may have missed a few of the changes.  Here’s a shot of the intersection of Market Street & Bow Street after the Market St. section has been repaved & re-striped.  You might’ve noticed something a bit funny about it as you’re driving home or waiting for pedestrians – that’s because the city moved the crosswalk to a slightly less treacherous location – which you can see next to the jagged yield line.  (It is also the street-level shot of the same area that was featured from above on July 11th.)

I love how the rowhouse building follows the contour of the street through the frame – but the coolest part of this photo to me is the fact that I finally noticed that it looks like Coca-Cola used to advertise on the side of the building.  I can make out a subtle “Coca” just above the Dolphin Striker’s awning – can you see it?

Today’s shot is another attempt at using the new neutral density filter…you’ll notice fewer people hanging out in the frame despite the dozens of people that were probably in and out in the moments the shots were snapped.  Still not the punch I’m looking for, but plenty of learning and tinkering to do…and plenty of tips to take from some of the seasoned folks in my treasured photography network!

Harbour Place Streetscape

Today’s post features Harbour Place from a different vantage point than you’re probably used to seeing.  This is from the actual section of street just under the Memorial Bridge known as Harbour Place…which I didn’t realize was the street name until today.  It’s worth following State Street around the corner and under the bridge to reach this spot – where you can get nice shots of the bridge and the waterfront.  Stop by on your way through at the building’s Museum of Art…a recent addition to the local arts scene.

Today is also the first day I’m featuring the new Neutral Density filter I bought – which allows you to shoot long exposures in broad daylight – which helps make vibrant colors and other interesting things…I’m looking forward to playing around with this little piece of equipment.

Happy Independence Day to everyone – and happy birthday to the United States of America.

NYC Fireworks

NYC Fireworks