North Fork Long Island Farmstand

Long Island Vegetables, originally uploaded by Philip Case Cohen.

A moody sky completes this coastal agricultural scene in Orient on Long Island.  We bought some fresh veggies from the Latham Farmstand and are enjoying some corn and tomatoes!

A Landmark Bridge | The George Washington

There has been much talk of bridges lately, especially here in the seacoast with the newly unveiled design for Portsmouth and Kittery’s own Memorial Bridge.  As part of the public presentation made on the design of the bridge, a reference was made to the George Washington Bridge in New York and its beautiful uplighting at night.  Let’s hope that whatever bridge finally makes its way to the banks of the Piscataqua, that it is something we can all be proud of and enjoy from near and far.

A New York Scene

Today’s image is a guest post from the streets of New York City.  This was shot on the fringe of Bryant Park…we were in town to check out Rockefeller Center and I was pleasantly surprised when we got out to the streetscape from the subway, and The Chrysler Building was there to greet us.  I love the movement of the cab and the stoic presence of one of the most iconic skyscrapers in the US.

Central Park | New York City

Sunday was the first day I’ve spent much time in Central Park in the heart of New York City.  I was in Manhattan to cheer on my fiance and future father in law in their big adventure running the New York City marathon (which they successfully did, crossing the finish line together!).  It was a gorgeous fall day in the city, with some gorgeous light in the park late in the day.  Looking forward to getting back home to do some shooting this week…but I hope you enjoy a taste of something a little different for the day, and that you get out for a stroll in Central Park sometime soon!

Moonrise at The Lake

Everyone loves a full moon.  When it begins to rise just over the horizon, it can look almost otherworldly and huge as it hovers over our landscapes.  We were lucky to have nearly a full moon when out west, but I almost equally love the tiny sliver of a crescent moon as the monthly cycle begins again.  It’s always a treat when the moon has been missing for a few days then out of nowhere you surprise yourself and catch the tiny slice somewhere in the sky.  I happened to notice the moon yesterday as it was rising and headed towards some interesting stuff to try and get a few good shots at Rockland Lake in New York.

These were also taken with the 100mm Hasselblad lens, and the shot below was interesting to me as the foreground elements are sharp as a tack while the background falls off into a nice soft texture.

Bridges | New York City & Portsmouth

Today I wanted to feature a few of my favorite bridges on this planet we share.  Above, is one of my shots of the Brooklyn Bridge from a recent trip into the city.  I wanted to get a somewhat fresh take on the bridge that thousands of people have photographed thousands of’s definitely one of those shots on every photographer’s bucket list.  I plan to get back and shoot more, but this was another one I’m happy with in the meantime…and I thought I’d give a bit of an antique treatment to honor the age and timelessness of the structure.

Below you can enjoy one of my simple shots of a beautiful late evening over the Piscataqua River.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the view…I enjoyed the deep blues in the evening sky with the faint hint of orange from the setting sun.  The freighter and the lights on the bridges and the reflections add a peacefulness to the shot that keeps me coming back.