Tall Ships Arrive in Portsmouth 2010

The tall ships Lynx and the Bounty arrived a day early to their destination at the Commercial Fish Pier in the South End of Portsmouth.  On Thursday afternoon, the two tall ships that are visiting this year arrived ahead of schedule and sat docked at their new location at the commercial fish pier….they usually dock at the State Pier closer to the Middle Bridge (due to schedule conflicts this year, they are trying a new spot in the historic South End).  THE BOAT PARADE WILL BE AT 1PM ON FRIDAY MAY 28th!!

The ships looked beautiful docked at the pier – and made me realize how many commercial fishing vessels typically sit docked, and how large they actually are.  The tall ships, while huge, seem to leave a reasonable amount of empty dock space…which usually looks pretty full while the fishing boats are docked.

If you have a chance over the weekend, be sure to stroll through Prescott Park towards Peirce Island to check out the traditional sailing crafts.  I’d love to get out on one for a sail!

Harbour Place After the Rain

A subtle reflection of the Memorial Bridge glistens on the patio of Harbour Place after a rain storm passed through a couple weeks back.  It was nice to see the sky open up after the storm with some neat cloud formations…and the Memorial Bridge always makes for a good backdrop.  Sometime in the not so distant future, this view will be significantly changed – most likely with a new bridge replacing the old behemoth.

The Piscataqua River at Sunset

Today features two different sunsets on the Piscataqua River.  The image above was taken from the Memorial Bridge and features the Bow Street waterfront and the Portsmouth skyline during a subtle orange sunset.  I just loved how the orange glow lights up the one building aimed directly towards the setting sun.

Below, Badger’s Island on the Kittery, Maine waterfront is featured as seen from Harbour Place – taken on a different evening with a different subtle shade of sunset.

The Daily Portsmouth Airs Tonight on 207 & The Bomb Scare

Thanks for checking in today at The Daily Portsmouth!  I’d like to encourage you to tune in to WCSH Channel 6 tonight (May 7th) to see the spot on 207 – airing at 7pm.  I can’t wait to see how the program came out, it was a pleasure spending an afternoon strolling around Portsmouth with the team a couple weeks back. I’ll post a link to the website once the spot has been uploaded.  Lots of exciting things happening surrounding The Daily Portsmouth lately – more details in the coming weeks!

Portsmouth saw a lot of excitement today as a Greyhound Bus was surrounded after a standoff began around 11:30 – with the sole individual refusing to get off the bus until 8:36.  Not wanting to get too close, I thought I’d share a few shots from the evening snapped from the secure border of the scene.  There were a ridiculous amount of organizations involved in securing the area around the bus on Hanover Street, and everything was very well organized and coordinated.  Thankfully it appears to have ended with a photo of a guy getting off of a bus and nothing actually exploding….more details to follow I’m sure…


Sunset on Bow Street

I enjoyed a quick walk after work tonight, just as the sun was about set for the day.  There were some nice clouds still hanging around, as you can see in the shot above.  I caught the last few minutes where there was a nice bright orange tint to everything – which really accentuates the already vibrant bricks.  Check out the shot below, with some signs of spring in the foreground and Kittery, ME across the Piscataqua River in the distance. Both shots were taken from the same little platform…each shot is about 180 degrees from the other.

Stormy Evening in Prescott Park

The threat of rain seemed to hang around for a while in the late afternoon today.  There were some seriously intense clouds out over New Castle as I walked around Prescott Park, and I even saw some streaks of lighting touch down. Somehow, I managed not to get caught out in any rain before heading to a meeting at City Hall…and when I arrived, the sky was gorgeous and intense, as the sun was breaking through a portion of the cloud ceiling and the ominous clouds hung overhead.

Above is a shot of the storm looming behind the public docks out over New Castle and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as seen from the Joe Sawtelle Pier in Prescott Park.  Below is a view of the park from the public docks…with some cyclists seen underneath the trees (trying to decide whether to head out for a ride or not – they did).

The Athenaeum | Congress Street

Today features one of my favorite shots of the Portsmouth Athenaeum.  This shot of Market Square was taken just in front of Breaking New Grounds at the corners of Market Street and Congress Street.  Go visit the building sometime on a Thursday afternoon – it’s easily one of the coolest places in town, when you walk in you can simply feel the seacoast history in the room.  The reading room is just inside the large rounded doorframe, and you instantly feel as though you’re back in the 1700s or so, with gigantic paintings of historic figures adorning the wall and cool flooring & carpentry throughout.

I hope to do an indoor shoot in the near future and share some of the beauty with all the readers here!