2012 New Hampshire Film Festival

New Hampshire Film Festival Poster

I’m very honored to be working with Zac and Nicole Gregg along with the whole Vital Design team on the 2012 New Hampshire Film Festival!  This year’s program cover will once again feature one of my images, the Portsmouth waterfront at night complete with a freighter unloading sand onto the Granite State Minerals terminal.  I can’t wait for this year’s event – which will start on Thursday October 11th and run through Sunday October 14th.

I also had the opportunity to work with on creating a unique billboard image to promote the festival on Route 1! Check out the awesome behind the scenes video.

Halloween in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a cool place during October.  In addition to the New Hampshire Film Festival, Portsmouth also hosts Scarecrows of the Port (awesome scarecrows posted around downtown…my favorite is above Jumpin’ Jay’s this year…and will be featured next week)….including the little guy seen here hanging from the clock at 49 Market Street (donated by Summerwind Jewelers).  This shot was taken with my Carl Zeiss 100mm Hasselblad lens, with some beautiful clarity on the clock…falling off in the background to a nice soft view of the Athenaeum building and the North Church.

In addition to today’s photo – you MUST head over to my Flickr gallery HERE in order to check out more shots from the 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival.

At the Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast is an eclectic breakfast spot (that’s actually open nearly all hours) on Congress Street.  The spot is incredibly colorful and has some of the weirdest stuff you can ever imagine on the wall – which definitely makes for an entertaining visit.  People tend to either love or hate the place…I’ve had some great breakfasts here so I dig the place, though sometimes it’s not the best thing to walk around smelling like a breakfast joint all day.  Check it out sometime, I love playing the game of “Who Can Find the Most Random/Scary Thing On The Wall?”…the best part is, everybody wins!

I’d been dying to get in here with my camera sooner or later, and decided to drop in while I was waiting for the closing ceremonies of the New Hampshire Film Festival on Sunday.  The dark rich reds of the ceiling and the definitively retro floor tiles and walls make this place like no other in Portsmouth.

Another fun fact – NHFF award winner Jordan Vogt-Roberts can be seen in the top photo getting ready to hit the road….only about an hour before receiving his award for Best Short Comedy – awarded for his film “Successful Alcoholics”.

Autumn in the Seacoast | NHFF 2010

The Music Hall

I’m going to keep today short and sweet by featuring two vertical shots taken on Sunday at the New Hampshire Film Festival.  Above, The Music Hall (main venue for the festival) is featured with the NHFF 2010 banner at the base of the hill along Congress Street.  Below – Market Street and the 100 Club balcony are featured in the shot taken during the VIP brunch.  It was a gorgeous fall day and a fantastic weekend…later this week I’ll share more of the portraits taken of the various filmmakers, producers, award winners attendees etc. from the various venues…where I’ll give the appropriate thanks to all the people that worked incredibly hard to make this event an enormous success.


The Clock at Sunset

I know that you’ve seen a lot of the North Church lately.  So have I.  I think that’s a good thing – this particular shot was fascinating to me…the perfect colors of the setting sun on a fall night, along with the subtle variations of the contrasting lighting on each side of the clocktower.  I really love this shot, as soon as I see it it strikes me as imposing…which isn’t always the case with a steeple/clocktower.  The image filling the frame along with the biting sharpness of the lines are all good elements, but what drove it home for me was the fact that each side of the structure had such different lighting – almost like the evil twin lurking on the other side of the clock (thanks to the perfectly placed setting sun).

As a bonus – check out the shot below of the headquarters for the New Hampshire Film Festival taking place in Portsmouth this weekend….at the Residence Inn at Portwalk Place.

New Hampshire Film Festival HQ at the Residence Inn

Adrian Grenier at 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival

Adrian Grenier at 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival

Adrian Grenier at 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival

Adrian Grenier (star of HBO hit series Entourage) came to Portsmouth, NH to promote his latest documentary titled “Teenage Paparazzo”.  It’s an engagingly interesting look at the celebrity/voyeuristic culture in our country and the obsession with digging beneath the facade of fame.  Check out Adrian’s website for more details on the project here: www.teenagepaparazzo.com – I’m looking forward to catching the full screening over the weekend.  Adrian Grenier at 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival

The most fascinating part of the visit for me was the fact that despite thinking during the screening of the film that the paparazzi culture was ridiculous, I was just as fascinated and interested in capturing the moment of Adrian’s visit as all of the cutthroat photographers in LA appear to be.  Adrian Grenier at 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival

Adrian Grenier at 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival

10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival

This weekend marks the 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival!  Read more about the history of the festival and get the full schedule for the weekend by visiting the official website at NH FILM FESTIVAL.  I’m very thankful and appreciative to be a part of this year’s event….if you’ve seen the banner or the official guide to the festival around town (shown above), you’ll have seen one of my shots of Congress Street looking up towards Market Square and the North Church.  The program was designed by the talented folks at Vital Design here in Portsmouth, and I think it came out phenomenally from cover to cover.

I attended the evening portion of New Hampshire day, which is traditionally held on the festival’s first day – and it featured several ridiculously good short films.  I don’t want to spoil it other than to encourage you to catch them yourself sometime this weekend when they’re shown again!  I’m in awe of all of the talented people that have come together to make this event possible…from the coordination of the dates, venues, sponsors, etc. to all of the creative and brilliant filmmakers who bring their product for the masses to see.  I’m looking forward to enjoying films throughout the weekend…and look forward to meeting some new faces and reconnecting with some familiar ones.

Dan Hannon

It’s worth noting that Entourage star and actor, musician & director Adrian Grenier will be in town on Friday to promote his documentary, “Teenage Paparazzo”….will be cool to have an international star hanging out to share some insight on his latest project.

NHFF 2010 | The Music Hall

Marc Dole

Juston McKinney

Head over to the Gallery HERE for more shots from Thursday night! (More to come throughout the weekend)

Welcome to The Music Hall

Thanks to the team at The Music Hall, I was able to visit as part of the New Hampshire Film Festival (celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011!)….and grab some brackets to capture the magnificence that is this old historic theater.

I could spend days shooting different angles of the wonderful details of the ceiling, the proscenium, the chairs, etc. etc.  With limited time, I had to go with the most obvious and my most desired shots – the wonderful expanse of the seats and the ceiling.  I can only imagine how awesome it feels to step out onto this stage with an audience full of admirers enjoying a performance.

Have a seat – enjoy the view!

The Moffatt-Ladd House

This historic building (known as the Moffatt-Ladd House) on Market Street overlooks a beautiful public garden and a walkway that leads down to Ceres Street from the Market Street sidewalk.  (Check out the link to read up more on the National Historic Landmark built circa 1763).

The carriage house set off from the house to the left recently underwent a transformation with a successful capital campaign, as the structure was lifted so the foundation could be stabilized.  This beautiful structure is also one of the venues for the New Hampshire Film Festival, which comes to Portsmouth every fall and marks its 10th Anniversary this coming October!

NHFF :: New Hampshire Film Festival

Portsmouth is the home of the 2009 New Hampshire Film Festival (additional details here:  www.nhfilmfestival.com), which takes place October 15th-18th.

The annual festival is a great addition to the cultural offerings in the city – I’m hoping to make it to a few of my first films this year.  Visit their website for more information on the films that were selected to be featured in this year’s festival along with schedules.  Films are going to be screened at various venues throughout the city, with The Music Hall serving as the focal point of the weekend.

Check out one of the marketing posters for the event hanging in the city (near Gilley’s on Fleet Street), next to a very Don Draper ad for office space at the International Office Suites in a nod to Mad Men (probably the only show I won’t miss).