Market Street Fog

With the changing temperatures this week came some thick fog on Tuesday evening.  I snapped this shot on Market Street next to 100 Market as I was enjoying the foggy streetscape and the lamps marking the sidewalks when a car presented itself.  I have a love/hate relationship with this time of the year, when daylight is fleeting and the opportunities to shoot sunset are basically gone for months.  It’s a nice challenge to force myself out of the house…and it’s always nice when there’s some nice atmospheric conditions like warm weather and fog to make it a more enjoyable evening.

Thanks for visiting…stay tuned for an exciting announcement before the end of the week!

Bridge Reflections & the Financial District

During our visit in San Francisco, I wanted to get out for at least a couple adventures.  The evening walk that my brother Dave and I went on ended up bringing us down around the financial district and the Transamerica Pyramid that I featured a couple weeks back.  We enjoyed a stroll around the area on a late summer evening, with the typical business meetings/dinners going on and plenty of foot and road traffic to be captured.  As we were about to head home…we decided that we were too close to the water not to make a stop.

Thankfully, the Bay Bridge (which connects San Francisco to Oakland) was beautifully lit in the late evening air over the water.  This has been one of the favorites that people seem to gravitate to of all the shots from my trip. One of my favorites from the trip was taken a few minutes later, featuring one of the office towers of Embarcadero Center in the Financial District.

An Evening in Pacifica

As you may have heard – I’ll be spending the following week west of the Mississippi!  I’m in San Francisco for a few days and will be heading to Yellowstone (and driving through Grand Teton National Park).  My brothers and I headed out tonight with every intention of shooting the San Francisco skyline from Treasure Island (across the bay from the Financial District)…however the fog had different plans for us.  After exploring the area and some seriously windy roads, we decided to throw in the towel (thankfully – because my stomach couldn’t take it much longer).  We decided to head to a calmer spot south of the city – Pacifica.  Dave has some awesome shots of the pier at sunset….but we decided oceanfront and waves sounded pretty good….so today’s shots feature a couple night captures.  Above I went for a different black  & white treatment to play around with some different processing.

Below, I loved the evening sky and the stars and the stark contrast against our own planet’s beachfront.  Looking forward to sharing more from the voyage throughout the week.  Stay tuned!

Ristorante Massimo

Here’s an evening shot of Ristorante Massimo, a beloved fancy restaurant, which is located on Penhallow Street next to Ceres Bakery and near the Post Office building.  This was taken with a wide angle lens in very low lighting conditions, and I had no tripod so I had to make the best of the situation – so I set the camera down, on what I remember as a railroad tie or some piece of wood next to Ceres.  It gave a cool perspective with some texture to the old pavement on the ground, and some spray paint.  I loved the dark blues of the sky and the combination with the lighting and the red colors of the restaurant.  What are your thoughts?

The Common Man | Portsmouth (Uncommon NH Dining)

I thought I’d mix it up a bit today and feature one of my favorite hanging signs.  The Common Man took over the former Victory Restaurant at 96 State Street during 2009, in the historic district near Prescott Park and the Memorial Bridge.  I just love the size of the sign and the blue of the sky against the bricks of the building and the subtlety of the lighting on the sign.  This one is an interesting contrast to the neon sign (another favorite) of The Rosa just across the street – which I’ve included below.

Tugboats at Night | Eugenia Moran

It was so warm out after work on Monday evening that I decided to watch a freighter come up the river and enjoy the sights of the waterfront for a while (and I wasn’t even wearing any gloves).  Quite a beautiful night.  I was particularly digging the reflection of the Eugenia Moran in the Piscataqua.  This 3-exposure composition had a nice long exposure for the third shot so I was able to get some nice tones in the reflective water.  The Decks were looking pretty sharp in preparation for their opening next month! More to follow on that later in the week.

Bow Street at Night

Here is a street scape view of Bow Street, to complement the post from earlier this week that depicted the waterside view.  There is no shortage of hanging signs on this side of the buildings – prime advertising for the businesses lucky enough to have such a great spot.  Only a few more weeks until the newly configured decks will be open for business.  Below is another shot of Bow Street taken from 100 Market Street, where you can see the curve of the street.

A Freighter & A Brick Wall | Square Crops

To complete the week and the arrival/departure of another freighter, the Tsuru from Nassau, here’s a square crop of the huge ship’s stern (I featured a bright red daytime shot of the bow earlier this week).  Also, in keeping with the square cropped images (which I’m drawn towards lately), here’s a beautiful natural shot of a brick wall on Atkinson Street (near Strawbery Banke) and a shutter holder in some intense midday light.

ALSO don’t forget to stop by and say hello if you’re in the Portsmouth area on Friday night!! I’ll be at the Portsmouth Art Exchange (located at 220 State Street) from 5pm-8pm for my first gallery opening.  A huge thank you to the Portsmouth Herald for featuring me and The Daily Portsmouth on the cover of Spotlight this week – catch the article here.  Hope to see you tonight!

At Market & Bow Street

Standing at the corner of Market Street and Bow Street will almost always result in some light streaks if you’re taking pictures at night – regardless of what day of the week, it’s one of the busiest corners in the city.  I love how it highlights the contours of Bow Street and the curving streets.  You can see Macroscopic, Macro Polo, Bliss, The Dolphin Striker, Poco’s, and the rest of the familiar stops along Bow Street. Still waiting for the perfect shot from this vantage, but this does it for me for the time being.

Jumpin Jay’s Fish Cafe | Congress Street

I tend to spend more time closer to Market Square, Bow Street and the waterfront, so I decided it was time to head over to Congress Street to see what I might find to shoot. I’ve always been drawn to Jumpin’ Jay’s for the excellent (albeit not inexpensive) meals, and I’ve always been fond of the hanging fish that marks the restaurant’s territory. I lucked out with the combination of the moody evening shot, and the traffic along Congress Street – which combined for some interesting vanishing point shots. What made this shot for me was the fish’s warm red scarf to keep from getting too cold in the New Hampshire winter weather.