At the Corner of Bow & Ceres Street

Today’s post features two views from the corner of Bow Street & Ceres Street.  The shot above features the view towards Market Street with The Dolphin Striker off to the right with its blue canopy, and the NJM Gallery to the left with its painted red bricks & bright blue trim around its colorful windows.  Below, the restaurant known as Two Ceres Street can be seen at the bottom of the staircase next to Izzy’s.  Though I’ve yet to stop in for dinner or drinks, I’ve heard great things about both – and something about a special “green drink”.

Please come visit tomorrow for a very special post and a beautiful photo of a new scene.

Reflections of Bow Street

A unique take on Bow Street in the reflection of the glass of the NJM Gallery windows.  The glass inside is so colorful it always makes for an interesting photo, especially in this shot with the setting sun shining on the steel of the Martingale Wharf structure and on the Saint John’s church tower.  I particularly liked the lights on the ceiling inside and how it makes the top part of the frame in the sky more interesting.