A New Angle on the Tugboats

Today features the tugboats from a less familiar angle – from behind.  I’ve usually shot the tugs from the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise vista or from the front at the Oar House Dock, but this vantage point comes courtesy of the city’s new public park along the waterfront.  Be sure to click this one to see it larger – as it features incredible detail of the worn hulls of the vessel thanks to countless hours of work on the Piscataqua in the incredible tide alongside the massive freighters. The Maori Maiden from Manila can be seen in the background.  The ridiculous detail comes courtesy of the demo Hasselblad H4D-31 that I had the good fortune to try for a few days.

Mombo & The Oar House Dock | Portsmouth's (New) Restaurants

This week marks an exciting week in the Portsmouth dining scene.  The former Dunaway Restaurant recently reopened as Mombo Restaurant in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and features “creative, internationally-inspired cuisine prepared and served by an experienced team of culinary professionals in a unique seacoast setting”. (Thanks to Rachel Forrest of the Herald for the info!)

Also, as I was strolling around this afternoon during lunchtime, I saw a new sign up where I’d recently seen some interior renovations going on at the old Blue Claw restaurant.  Much to my surprise, today the sign looked rather familiar with a design I thought I’d seen before, then I realized it read “The Oar House Dock” (the new sign shares the oars around the title just like “The Oar House” does; and the new space shouldn’t be confused with The Oar House Deck).  I’m not sure what the scoop is behind the scenes – but it appears that the owners of The Oar House either bought or are renting the space across the street and are offering a more wallet friendly (my interpretation of the sign) menu with pizza and traditional seafood offerings while still being able to enjoy an outdoor deck.  I for one welcome the change – as I always thought the Blue Claw was overrated and overpriced in a great location.  I’ll be stopping by the new spot in the near future to test it out.