Ogunquit Beach at Dusk

Steph and I took a trip north with our little munchkin to visit some of our oldest friends, who also happen to be the reason we met each other.  Ogunquit Beach at dusk was a magical place after a dinner downtown, with some beautiful pastels in the sky and warm summer air with the refreshing ocean breeze.  I’ve got many more images to share from our little summer getaway that I’m looking forward to sharing!

Fishing from Shore

It doesn’t take a boat to be a fisherman.  This gentleman was strolling up and down the shore in Ogunquit, Maine in an effort to catch something.  It was both enjoyable and fascinating to watch, as the sun set on the east coast.  Taken with a 100-300mm older zoom lens, I was trying to get out of my usual pattern of grand landscape shots.  I like the vignetting on the lens from being wide open as I tried to try and freeze the fisherman’s cast.

Sweeping Views of the Coast

The proud owners of these oceanfront homes get to enjoy this magnificent view day in and day out.  We were driving around Ogunquit when we stumbled on this road, which happened to be well positioned to catch the clouds and their reflections in the ocean.  The depth in the shot with the walkways and the fence drew me in immediately, so we absolutely had to pull over for a few quick exposures.

Perkins Cove | Ogunquit, Maine

To our north, Maine enjoys a much longer coastline than we do here in New Hampshire.  That is a great thing, so I decided to travel up the coast with some family over the weekend to go for a wet walk on the Marginal Way.  We broke up our stroll with a delicious and traditional lobster-shack type meal in the warm interior of Barnacle Billy’s (complete with fire).  I had never came over to this side of Perkins Cove before – and sure enough, it was worth the visit.  I loved the foggy atmosphere and the absolutely classic coastal look with the various sailboats and fishing vessels.