Layers | Water Bridge & Sky

I’ve been enjoying vertical compositions lately, with a visit to the archives uncovering a few shots I’d previously passed up.  This shot taken from Peirce Island features the Peirce Island Bridge with the Memorial Bridge close to its maximum lift height in the background.  I wonder what the new Memorial Bridge might look like from this spot with its new towers and new clean lines – at full height.  I hope the bridge is still visible from the various spots around town that you can spot the towers from now. 

The water and bridge elements under the textured clouds help make this one worth coming back to.

The Peirce Island Boat Ramp

We all have our comfort zones and our creative muses.  When I see a gorgeous sunset developing, I always scramble around for what the best place to shoot might be.  Sometimes traffic, timing, clouds, people, etc. tend to dictate where I can go….so I was driving around downtown trying to find  a great spot to catch a rainbow that had appeared under the stormy sky.  I wanted to frame the North Church.  I wasn’t able to get both in any frame, then I was inspired to head towards one of my absolute favorite locations to shoot a dramatic sky – Peirce Island.

I was greeted with an increasingly stunning landscape shot, with the essence of it shown above. Check out some previous gorgeous moments from the Boat Ramp here and here.

Standing in the Wind

A simple silhouette of the Memorial Bridge and Harbour Place on the horizon as seen from Four Tree Island.  Some subtle colors and cloud movements add some interest to the familiar scene. This afternoon was ridiculously windy, and although it’s spring – I was fooled into thinking I’d be warm but lost feeling in my hands after a couple minutes of sustained wind.  The wind made sure the water was nice and smooth as it blew towards the rocks in the foreground…and after a few long exposures, I packed up and headed for the heated seats in the car.