Ceres Bakery

One of my favorite lunch destinations and one of the most colorful scenes in downtown Portsmouth – Ceres Bakery and its richly painted building are situated on Penhallow Street near the federal building on Daniel Street.  Stop by and check it out sometime.

A Penhallow Street Evening

Recently I’ve been writing about the changes that Portsmouth has seen over the past year or so. If you look carefully, you’ll note that this scene was shot during the holiday season, with a wreath hanging over the entrance to The Dolphin Striker…and if you look more closely, you’ll note that the Martingale Wharf building is still a hollow shell – meaning this was shot last year.  This December…the holiday wreaths are back up on the lightposts throughout the downtown, but the Martingale Wharf is unrecognizable from its former self, now with a fresh brick facade and an angular position on Bow Street with a sweeping view of the Piscataqua.

106 Kitchen & Bar | Penhallow Street

One of the newest dining establishments in Portsmouth is the 106 Kitchen & Bar located on Penhallow Street.  This space has been through several iterations since I’ve been living on the Seacoast – and I must say that of all that I remember seeing, I like the signage and the front door best of all.  Although I haven’t been to eat yet, the menu looks good and relatively reasonably priced for a nice downtown spot – and Jay McSharry (of Jumpin’ Jay’s & Dos Amigos fame) knows his stuff.  I look forward to my first stop, and in the meantime, I thought I’d share the industrial brick facade and metal signage that now complement each other.

Ristorante Massimo

Here’s an evening shot of Ristorante Massimo, a beloved fancy restaurant, which is located on Penhallow Street next to Ceres Bakery and near the Post Office building.  This was taken with a wide angle lens in very low lighting conditions, and I had no tripod so I had to make the best of the situation – so I set the camera down, on what I remember as a railroad tie or some piece of wood next to Ceres.  It gave a cool perspective with some texture to the old pavement on the ground, and some spray paint.  I loved the dark blues of the sky and the combination with the lighting and the red colors of the restaurant.  What are your thoughts?

Think Spring | Prescott Park

After the weather of the last few days, let’s stop and reflect on the fact that April is only 32 days away.  The decks will soon be open, and the trees will be back in bloom with blue skies and the return of the green vines.  Above, the power lines hang above Ceres Bakery on Penhallow Street and the chimneys of Sheafe Street.  Below, a shot of a tree in bloom at Prescott Park…a re-post of one of my favorites from warmer days.  Hope everyone is doing well through this weekend and has their power back or has found a way to stay warm.

Bricks of Portsmouth

One of my favorite parts of walking around Portsmouth (mostly during lunch) is seeing the variety of different bricks amongst all the brick buildings in town.

Some are definitely very old bricks with a lot of character (see above), others have been painted over time and time again (see white bricks of Dos Amigos below along with the red door of The Red Door), with other brand new bricks aimed at matching the old style (just walk further down State Street or over to Congress Street).  All in all it makes for an interesting feel around town, to say the least.  The old rowhouses along Market Street have more awesome bricks, and near the salt piles and on Penhallow Street you’ll find some cool old advertising.

Ristorante Massimo | Portsmouth, NH

Ristorante Massimo is often discussed by locals and foodies as the best “special occasion” restaurant and most romantic place for dinner.  It’s definitely on my list of places to visit, just waiting for an appropriate occasion.

The building is next to the Ceres Bakery on Penhallow Street, and looks very intimate and inviting with its brick entrance at the corner.  Check out the menu and some shots from inside at their website here:  RISTORANTE MASSIMO.