The Pier at The Wequassett | Chatham | Cape Cod

I had a fantastic time in Cape Cod this past weekend.  The weather was gorgeous, the light was great, food fresh and delicious and the company was perfect. One of the evenings we were away, we visited Chatham and had dinner at The Wequassett resort…a stunning waterfront location with a great vista for cape light at sunset.  I can’t wait to go back to the Cape to explore more of the national seashore and find sand dunes and lighthouses.

The Pier in the Mist

This pier sits on the border of Prescott Park with nearly unparalleled views of the Memorial Bridge and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The shot was taken with my camera and a vintage Carl Zeiss Hasselblad 50mm lens, which has given this shot a soft out of focus blur in the background with a focal point in the lower right corner.  Not the typical crispness I go for these days, but it feels a bit more story-like to me and for whatever reason, it works.


It’s easy to forget that a photograph is a period of time captured and immortalized.  I always strive to make a good photograph – something that conveys a sense of place, a feeling, an emotion or elicits a reaction.  There are definitely an infinite number of ways to approach a shot, a scene, or a moment…and I often gravitate to the ways I have become most comfortable with.  This shot definitely does not fall within that range…it’s two minutes and sixteen seconds of recorded time at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine during a muted sunset over the pier and Portsmouth in the distance. When you’re using tools to experiment with capturing a scene, it can be stressful…especially when so much time is at risk and you’re on the sidelines until the exposure is complete.  I happen to love the shot and the overall softness of the scene…and with the unfamiliar texture of the water, thanks to the duration of 2 minute and 16 seconds of setting sun and rolling waves at high tide.

The Dock at Sunrise

Portsmouth’s waterfront location provides an incredible amount of opportunities to photograph.  This pier, which I’ve featured before, is in Prescott Park overlooking the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  I love the symmetry that docks and piers provide, especially when bathed in soft morning light and interesting cloud cover.

An Evening in Pacifica

As you may have heard – I’ll be spending the following week west of the Mississippi!  I’m in San Francisco for a few days and will be heading to Yellowstone (and driving through Grand Teton National Park).  My brothers and I headed out tonight with every intention of shooting the San Francisco skyline from Treasure Island (across the bay from the Financial District)…however the fog had different plans for us.  After exploring the area and some seriously windy roads, we decided to throw in the towel (thankfully – because my stomach couldn’t take it much longer).  We decided to head to a calmer spot south of the city – Pacifica.  Dave has some awesome shots of the pier at sunset….but we decided oceanfront and waves sounded pretty good….so today’s shots feature a couple night captures.  Above I went for a different black  & white treatment to play around with some different processing.

Below, I loved the evening sky and the stars and the stark contrast against our own planet’s beachfront.  Looking forward to sharing more from the voyage throughout the week.  Stay tuned!

Beneath the Pier

Today’s post is a return to the gorgeous summer sunset captured last weekend during my trip along the Maine coastline.  This is another take on the pier that jets out into the Piscataqua River from Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine.  A lovely piece of coastal construction – the pier presents an insane amount of opportunity for shooting.  I’ve always enjoyed the symmetry in a scene – with this pier’s underbelly being the perfect example of a mesmerizing and interesting pattern….that ultimately supports such a long structure.  The sun soaked evening light helped to make this scene a memorable one for me.

Check out the previous post of the Pier for another take on the scene.

The Pier at Fort Foster | Kittery, ME

For today’s post we head to the other side of the Piscataqua River.  This long and inviting pier is located at Fort Foster in Kittery, ME – which is near the former life saving station in the mouth of the Piscataqua River, close to Whaleback Lighthouse.  If you look closely – you can spot Whaleback between the supports of the Pier itself.

I decided to head over to the Maine side of the river for a sunset voyage over the weekend…as it’s one of the few places where you can get a gorgeous sunset over the waterfront on the eastern seaboard (at least on the part that’s within driving distance).

I’ll be featuring several more shots from the evening’s travels – with a good portion coming from the quick hour that I spent wandering around the pier and watching the tide go out as the sun went down.  Quite a peaceful evening.

1/2 ton at the Fish Pier

I’m not entirely sure what this crane contraption is used for – but I imagine it’s used for unloading the local catch…which I think is very cool.  We’re fortunate to have a robust local fishing economy – though I’ve been reading it’s getting harder and harder for them to remain in business.  I love having guests in town and taking them out to one of our many great restaurants…where there’s plenty of fresh seafood to be had.  I’m curious what the actual breakdown of local fish vs. non-local…but in any event, it’s delicious and I think the Commercial Fish Pier is one of the coolest spots in town.  It was also pretty awesome to have the tall ships docked there earlier this year!